MC Jogodo: Unraveling the Linguistic Brilliance of an Urhobo Wordsmith Extraordinaire

In the heart of the bustling city of Orogun, amidst the vibrant tapestry of cultures and languages, there is a man whose words dance like poetry and resonate with the wisdom of ages past. His name is Mr. Axel Umukoro, also known as MC Jogodo, who is widely recognized as an Urhobo Orator and MC of no mean repute. He churns out grammar as if he was there when the English dictionary was being written.

Mr. Axel Umukoro aka MC Jogodo, the Orogun-born Urhobo wordsmith of no mean proportion

Born into the distinguished Umukoro lineage of Umusu quarters in Orogun main town, MC Jogodo was the son of Chief Joseph Ukota Umukoro. Chief Joseph, a respected figure in the community, had been close friends with Newman Akpore, the younger brother of the late sage and founder of Orogun Grammar School, Chief Demas Akpore.

When tragedy struck and Newman passed away, Chief Demas Akpore, the cerebral educator and statesman who boasts of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Classics from University College, Ibadan, and the University of Vancouver, Canada, recognized the potential in young Joseph, took him under his wing, becoming his mentor and guiding him on a path of learning and self-discovery. The tutelage paid off, and Joseph became Chief Akpore’s Secretary, underscoring the potential in education and mentorship.

Jogodo flanked by some of his mentees. “Success with a successor is ultimately failure”- John C. Maxwell

As it is commonly said, “charity begins at home”, MC Jogodo’s journey with language began at home and in the corridors of Orogun Grammar School, a pioneering and reputable institution nestled amidst the lush greenery of Urhoboland. It was here that he first discovered the power of words, as he pored over textbooks and listened intently to the lessons of his father and teachers.

Under Chief Demas’s tutelage, MC Jogodo not only inherited his father’s linguistic prowess but also gained invaluable insights and knowledge from his mentor’s vast academic background. Chief Demas, with his deep understanding of language and literature, instilled in Jogodo a love for the intricacies of grammar and the beauty of expression. It’s worth mentioning that Mrs. Grace Temisaren Akpore, Chief Akpore’s wife, also taught MC Jogodo English Language at Orogun Grammar School.

As MC Jogodo matured, his mastery of the English language became legendary, a testament to the teachings he received from both his father and Chief and Mrs. Demas Akpore. With each word he uttered, he honoured his heritage and paid homage to the wisdom passed down through generations, much like Timothy, of whom Paul spoke, “whose faith first resided in his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice, and now, surely, lived in him.”

MC Jogodo’s reputation as a master orator spread far and wide, drawing crowds and quality patronage from all corners of the Niger Delta to hear him speak and perform at functions. His speeches are like symphonies, each word carefully chosen and expertly crafted to convey his message with clarity and precision.

MC Jogodo’s diligence and dedication to his craft are unparalleled. He spends countless hours honing his skills, poring over books and practicing his oratory until each word flowed effortlessly from his lips. It was this unwavering commitment to excellence that caught the attention of none other than the Orogun President General, Chief Barr Benson Ndakara.

Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara dishing out instructions to Chief Dr. Edwin Achugbue to ensure that everyone is comfortable at his daughter’s traditional marriage

Impressed by Jogodo’s mastery of language, Chief Ndakara couldn’t help but marvel at the eloquence with which Jogodo spoke at the recent In-law Greeting ceremony of Barr Dennis Warri. With a twinkle in his eye, Chief Ndakara exclaimed, “JOGODO THE GREAT! ARAGBA WERE WONDERING WHERE YOU ROOTED ALL THE GRAMMAR YOU DISPLAYED ON SATURDAY. RESERVE THE REST FOR WEDNESDAY,” referring to his daughter’s upcoming Traditional Marriage ceremony at his country home.

Mr. and Mrs Warri Dennis Ojarikre the In-Law’s greeting ceremony of his wife at Aragba

In response, Jogodo simply smiled and replied, “I am in my office cooking something for that day,” his words dripping with confidence and anticipation for the challenge that lay ahead. With Chief Ndakara’s words of encouragement spurring him on, MC Jogodo knew that his next presentation would be nothing short of spectacular, and as usual, he was in his element, mesmerizing guests with his oratorial prowess.

“The reward for a good job is more job”, Barr. Dennis Warri seems to be telling Jogodo at Chief Ndakara’s daughter’s marriage ceremony

Reproduced below are some nuggets Oghwoghwa Reporters captured from the traditional marriage ceremony of Ejiroghene Karen Ndakara and Akpofure Onini on Wednesday 7th February 2024:

Mr. and Mrs. Akpofure Onini while savouring the joy of marriage, seems to be mesmerized by Jogodo’s oratory

“Marriage is the highest form of human cooperation. For any marriage to succeed, it must be based on love. Love is the feeling of spontaneity. The two individuals who come together to get married must possess identical ideologies. An ideology is a systematic articulation of ideas into a cohesive manner that dominates and readjusts the individual.”

“Envy and jealousy are twin brothers; they destroy in totality whoever harbors them, and anyone who desires to be entirely possessive becomes dangerously oppressive.”

“Actualization of destiny is real no matter how it is meandered.”

“Getting the best from the best is the best thing everybody wants.”

“The ability of the entrepreneur to manipulate his environment may amount to gambling, which exhibits some degree of risk that may be mitigated or aggravated by other factors beyond his jurisdiction.”

“A man who seeks to purchase affection through benevolent actions will always be disillusioned by the experience of human ingratitude.”

“An orator is not humbled by societal limitations since he perceives celestial openings, comprehending the wisdom of the hallowed eyes. He hovers above the multitude, challenging bicorns and discussing enlightenment with those capable of understanding the clarification of human complexities. The sanctity of his thought cannot be subjected to the simplistic doodle of populist appeal. He may be involved in the satirical largeness of his Aristophanic humor, expressed with full independence and enlargement. Ladies and gentlemen, this is accompanied by jokes, proverbs, idioms, and sometimes rhetoric to engage my target audience.”

In the sidelines of Chief Ndakara’s daughter’s marriage ceremony that had in attendance the who is who is society, MC Jogodo told Oghwoghwa Reporters, “The orator can never be subdued by the happenings in society, as he has eyes everywhere and possesses the wisdom to navigate complex issues in the most intricate ways. Only the wise can fully grasp what he says, whether in jokes or proverbs. Those who are capable and wise are the only ones who can truly understand his message.”

Behold the legendary MC Jogodo, the towering Urhobo Orator whose commanding stature mirrors the authority of his eloquent speech, rich with wisdom and rhetoric, capable of eliciting laughter and contemplation alike. His words resonate through the streets of the Niger Delta, lingering long after they have left his lips. In a world where language is often overlooked, MC Jogodo stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the profound beauty and inherent power nestled within the spoken word. It comes as no surprise that he was honoured with the prestigious title of The Best Performing Orator at the Urhobo Music Festival & Awards 2023, celebrated at the prestigious Best Western Hotel in Mofor, Udu LGA, Delta State.

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  1. Jogodo stand as Iroko in his chosen entertainment industry. He has set a high standard in the way he applied his trade.

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