Chief Ogobene Secures Landmark Victory Against DESOPADEC, Despite Obstacles

In a significant legal victory today, Wednesday, February 28, 2024, High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene (Afore of Orogun Kingdom), emerged triumphant in his long-standing legal battle against the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) at the Court of Appeal in Asaba (Case No. CA/AS/27/2019). This victory marks a milestone in Chief Ogobene’s relentless pursuit of justice after years of contentious litigation. The case was transferred from the Court of Appeal in Benin to the Court of Appeal in Asaba, where the judgment was delivered.

The protracted legal saga dates back to 2014 when Chief Ogobene initiated legal proceedings against DESOPADEC in the Warri High Court. Over the course of two years, exhaustive evidentiary hearings and cross-examinations unfolded, culminating in a favorable judgment in Chief Ogobene’s favour.

Despite the court’s ruling in his favour, Chief Ogobene’s quest for justice encountered resistance from within DESOPADEC. Allegations emerged that a self-proclaimed permanent director of finance, entrenched within the organization for ages, obstructed efforts to fulfill the court’s judgment. Chief Ogobene contends that this obstruction stemmed from his refusal to comply with the demands of the said official.

Undeterred by these obstacles, Chief Ogobene pressed forward with his pursuit of justice, leading to today’s landmark victory at the Court of Appeal. However, he revealed that his triumph is tempered by the obstinate resolve of the same finance official, who has reportedly vowed to exhaust every avenue, including a staggering commitment of 100 million naira, to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

In a surprising twist, DESOPADEC has sought to prolong the legal battle by petitioning the Warri High Court to retry the matter, a move Chief Ogobene decries as a wicked attempt to further frustrate his pursuit of justice.

“I have an existing execution order, which requires me to return to court either this afternoon or very early tomorrow morning for certification, empowering me to move with court officials, police, self-loaders, lorries, and carry their properties to the court premises until my money is paid. However, I cannot do this to my own government; the government of Rt. Hon. (Elder) Francis Sheriff Oborevwori whom I fought for and brought to victory. Instead, it’s that super bad egg in the system that I will fight until he is posted back to the ministry,” Chief Ogobene, who is a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), asserted and affirmed his refusal to execute or file against DESOPADEC.

High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene (Afore of Orogun Kingdom)

Chief Ogobene’s tenacity in the face of adversity serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who seek truth, justice, and accountability. As the legal battle unfolds, Chief Ogobene remains resolute in his determination to get justice with the intervention of God who sits in the affairs of men.

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