Oghwoghwa is the father of four communities in the Delta State of Nigeria the ancient Delta province made of Ogor, Agbarha, Ughelli and Orogun. Oghwoghwa was a prince, the second son of Oba (king) Esigie of the Benin Empire fron Benin Kingdom who left Benin-City in search of his own Kingdom. His first settlement was Tariki in Ijaw Land. He left Tarakiri and settled down at Ogoviri where he gave birth to his four children namely Ogor (first son) Ughelli (second son) Agbarha-Otor (third son) and Orogun (last and the only daughter).

Ughelli and Orogun were the same mother- (Ogene). Ogor and Agbarha were the same mother-(Oberuke).

These are the generations of the great Oghwoghwa The Royal families. The Hub of the Urhobo Land.

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