Activist Ughere Establishes Committees to Safeguard Urhobo Culture and Leverage Oil & Gas

In a bold move to counter the looming threat of Urhobo language extinction and propel socio-economic growth leveraging the abundant oil and gas resources, activist Blessed Ughere, President of the UPU Youth Wing, Worldwide, has initiated a proactive approach towards safeguarding Urhobo culture and identity.

The appointment of dedicated individuals to spearhead vital committees focusing on education and the oil and gas sector within the Urhobo ethnic nationality signifies a pivotal step forward.

Led by Barr. Omeyoma Eshemitan, the Oil and Gas Committee boasts seasoned individuals such as Comrade Lucky Sowre, Comrade Agbubi Ejovwoke Emmanuel, Comrade Ese Agbobore, Ambassador Duke Ufouma Barho, Mrs Felicia Dolor, Chief Efe Igho, Barr. Harriet Oghenekevwe Ubini, Comrade Vincent Omoko, Hon. Gbeji Henry, Mr. Lawson Esusuakpo Aboyi, and Mr. Emmanuel Mereti. This committee is poised to exploit the potential of the oil and gas sector to drive development and prosperity throughout the Urhobo Nation.

Simultaneously, the Education Committee, under the leadership of Mr. Aregbor Emmanuel and Mr. Godstime Assin as Secretary, features prominent figures like Alfred Obarakpor, Duke Ufuoma Barho, Amori Onome Christian, Emudiaga Godspower Orhotohwo, Sunday Akpobuwa, Emmanuel Mereti, and Panel Patrick. Their dedication lies in enhancing educational opportunities and preserving Urhobo culture through educational initiatives.

“The committee is entrusted with the comprehensive responsibility of all matters concerning Urhobo Education and the promotion of Urhobo Culture through Education,” emphasized Ughere, underscoring the critical role these committees will play in nurturing Urhobo heritage.

The release further stated that while the national president and secretary automatically serve on each committee, additional members will be co-opted to ensure holistic representation and the effective execution of initiatives.

As the Urhobo Nation endeavours to combat the peril of language extinction and foster socio-economic advancement, the establishment of these pioneering committees signifies a significant leap towards forging a resilient and culturally vibrant Urhobo nation under the able leadership of Activist Blessed Ughere.

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