Ambakederimo Urges Tinubu to Take Immediate Action on NDDC Challenges

Unveiling Critical Insights at Joseph Ambakederimo Birthday Breakfast Media Chat

In an electrifying session at his annual Birthday Breakfast Media chat series, Joseph Ambakederimo, National Coordinator of the South-South Reawakening Group, passionately addressed the pressing issues plaguing the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the dire need to curtail political interference for tangible progress.

Mr. Joseph Ambakederimo

He made this call on Tuesday 15th of August, 2023, at the Corporate Headquarters of Puffa Nigeria Limited, located at Waterwell House, Plot 47 Enerhen Road, Effurun, Delta State where he feted journalists from both print and electronic media.

Mr. Ambakederimo answering questions from journalists

Ambakederimo wasted no time diving into the heart of the matter. He spotlighted how political interference has cast a shadow on the NDDC, leading to erosion of confidence and stifling of achievements. The seasoned public analyst called for a halt to this trend, emphasizing that it’s imperative to allow the commission to thrive independently and fulfill its intended purpose.

With razor-sharp precision, Ambakederimo dissected the aftermath of the forensic audit initiated by former Minister and current Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio. The audit’s impact on citizen trust in the NDDC was grim, leaving a general sentiment of apathy and indifference among the people of the Niger Delta. Ambakederimo passionately argued that the NDDC must regain public support to realize its true potential.

According to Ambakederimo who is also a recipient of the “Leaders of The Future” award from the prestigious World Free Zones Organization, “The forensic audit of the operations of the NDDC initiated by the former Minister of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, apart from whatever gains it recorded, succeeded primarily in erasing any form of citizen’s confidence in the commission.”

While acknowledging years of mismanagement and fund misappropriation that dampened citizen interest, Ambakederimo passionately defended the NDDC’s achievements. He highlighted a myriad of completed projects and ongoing initiatives that are shaping the region’s development. Ambakederimo also lauded Dr. Samuel Ogbuku’s policy direction, which embraces public-private partnerships to drive sustainable progress.

“Granted, that years of mismanagement and massive misappropriation and diversion of the NDDC funds have eroded citizen’s interest in the affairs of the commission, it will also be beneficial to point out that the NDDC as an interventionist agency is not a complete failure as projected”, Ambakederimo further stressed.

Ambakederimo, an Associate Environmental Professional, made an assertive statement against the gravest impediment to the NDDC’s success—political interference. He fervently advocated for uninterrupted leadership tenure to ensure stability and effective governance. He urged President Bola Tinubu to lead the charge in this regard, sending a clear signal of the government’s determination to usher in a new era.

Said he, “The political interference is responsible for the high turnover of appointment of officials to oversee the workings of the commission and this hasn’t gone down well as it impacts negatively on the performance of even persons who may have the willpower to bring positive change to the region, because they are being removed when they are almost getting set to seat properly to work.”

With fervor, Ambakederimo, the fiery activist-scholar didn’t shy away from unveiling a set of groundbreaking recommendations to recalibrate the NDDC’s trajectory: Restrict political interference to ensure stability and accountability in the current management team led by Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, increase federal contribution from 15% to 25% through an amended NDDC Establishment Act, raise corporate contribution from oil and gas companies from 3% to 10%, elevate ecological fund allocation to 70% for more effective environmental solutions, direct a portion of gas flare charges towards NDDC for infrastructure and community development, include NDDC in benefiting from windfall revenue shared by the Federal government.

As the curtain fell on this riveting discourse, The Joseph Ambakederimo Birthday Breakfast Media Chat Series once again affirmed his role as a veritable catalyst for change, fostering meaningful discussions that illuminate the path towards a reinvigorated Niger Delta with the hope that all stakeholders, beginning with the President, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu would implement the far-reaching recommendations of the celebrant.

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