Amnesty: Itsekiri Youths’ Visit to Ndiomu Justifies Ambakederimo’s Appeals to Tinubu for Increased Funding to Sustain Peace in the Niger Delta

In a bid to address the challenges faced by Itsekiri students in Novena University, the Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom, Chief Ayiri Emami has on Tuesday, January 30, 2023, led the Itsekiri Progressive Youth Movement (IPYM) to the office of the Interim Coordinator to Mr President on the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP), Maj. Gen. Barry Ndiomu (rtd.), to shed light on the pressing need for increased funding to sustain the peace achieved in the Niger Delta.

Maj. Gen. Ndiomu, Chief Ayiri Emami and other IPYM executives

Amid the unprecedented achievements of the Amnesty program, Mr. Joseph Ambakederimo, the Convener of the South-South Reawakening Group (SSRG), has been at the forefront of projecting these accomplishments. This includes establishing the Presidential Amnesty Cooperative Fund and effective reintegration initiatives. The demand for increased funding becomes apparent in light of these efforts. The stipend of Sixty-Five Thousand Naira, approved in 2007, has lost its purchasing power due to inflation, necessitating a review of budgetary allocations to maintain the program’s effectiveness.

President Bola Tinubu Urged by Mr. Joseph Ambakederimo for increased funding for PAP

The exemplary management of the reintegration phase, timely scholarship payments, and skill development initiatives have contributed to the overall peace in the Niger Delta. However, the challenges faced by Itsekiri students underscore the need for additional resources to address anomalies in the recruitment process and ensure the smooth functioning of the scholarship program.

Joseph Ambakederimo’s sustained appeal to President Bola Tinubu for increased funding resonates with the Itsekiri Progressive Youth Movement’s concerns, emphasizing the critical role funding plays in sustaining the program’s positive impact. The visit to Gen. Barry Ndiomu reinforces the call for swift action to resolve issues Itsekiri students face. It highlights the importance of a well-funded Amnesty program for regional peace and stability.

As Nigerians are reminded of the persistent challenges in the region, including the reintegration of demobilized individuals with diverse skills, the article urges President Tinubu to consider the justification for increased funding. The relative peace in the South-South region is credited to the meticulous management of the Amnesty program, making it imperative for the Federal government to provide the necessary financial support.

In conclusion, the urgency of President Tinubu’s consideration of the sustained funding appeal by Ambakederimo is to ensure the sustained success of the Presidential Amnesty Program and to address the specific needs of communities like Itsekiri and others. The engagement of Itsekiri youths with Gen. Barry Ndiomu exemplifies the collaborative effort needed to overcome challenges and maintain the hard-earned peace in the Niger Delta.

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