Call for Applications for the 20th Set of Centre LSD Leadership School

Dear Compatriots,

The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) is now receiving applications for the 20th set of her Leadership School.

The Centre LSD Leadership School is set up to train leaders by attempting to unravel the complexity of leadership and offering a framework that will help people to become great leaders.

The school focuses on both leader development (expanding the capacity of individuals for effective leadership roles and processes) and leadership development (expansion of organisations’ capacity to enact basic leadership tasks including setting direction, creating alignment, and maintaining commitment).

At the end, we hope to produce leaders who will know how to mobilize others to get extraordinary things done in organisations and nations; transform values into actions; visions into realities; obstacles into innovations; separateness into solidarity and risks into rewards.

The school is meant for people who are motivated to become leaders and want tools to become dynamic, strategic, and visionary leaders that will transform organisations and nations.

To apply, please visit the link below:

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