Celebrated Educator and Visionary, Grace Akpore, Honored on Her 94th Birthday by Efe-Nogo

Dear Grace Temisaren Akpore,

On this special day, we gather to celebrate your remarkable life. As we commemorate your 94th birthday, we reflect upon the tremendous contributions you have made as a distinguished educator, visionary leader, and respected member of society.

Mrs. Grace Akpore flanged by Chief & Chief (Mrs) Do-Good Efe-Nogo (JP)

The whole world owes you a depth of gratitude for the unwavering support you gave to your late husband, Chief Demas Akpore, whose legacy is imprinted upon the annals of Nigerian history. His tenure as the first elected Deputy Governor of Bendel State (1979–1983) exemplified his commitment to public service and his unwavering dedication to the progress and well-being of his community. His leadership was marked by integrity, wisdom, and a profound sense of responsibility.

Mrs. Grace Akpore dancing with Chief Do-Good Efe-Nogo (JP) behind

Your tireless efforts and visionary approach to education, have shaped our lives and that of countless students, leaving an indelible mark on our intellectual and personal development.

Today, as we celebrate your birthday, we also honor the love and support you provided to Chief Demas Akpore throughout his remarkable journey. Your unwavering strength and steadfast dedication were pillars of support for him, and your commitment to his vision and mission was unwavering. Your role as his loving wife and partner enriched his accomplishments and brought solace to his heart.

Mrs. Grace Akpore flanked by Chief & Chief (Mrs) Do-Good Efe-Nogo (JP)

On this joyous occasion, we wish you a birthday filled with happiness, love, and cherished memories. May you find comfort in the knowledge that Chief Demas Akpore’s legacy lives on through his work, the lives he touched, and the values he instilled in others. May you continue to inspire those around you with your grace, resilience, and unwavering spirit.

As we celebrate your special day, we extend our gratitude for the immeasurable contributions you have had on our family which has helped to carry forward Chief Demas Akpore’s vision, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Happy 94th birthday, dear Mrs. Grace Temisaren Akpore. May this day be the beginning of another extraordinary chapter in your life, filled with joy, love, fulfillment, and long life. May your path be adorned with blessings, and may you continue to be a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

With warmest regards,
Chief & Chief (Mrs) Do-Good Efe-Nogo (JP)
(Oruese 1 and Ovie Raye of Orogun Kingdom)

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