Chief Austin Emaduku Emerges President General of Udu Kingdom

In a groundbreaking development, Chief Austin Emaduku has on Saturday 3rd June emerged as the President General of Udu Kingdom. His victory comes after an intense electoral process and the unwavering support of delegates, especially the 21 Community presidents who stood firmly behind Emaduku’s ambitious vision for the Union of Udu Communities (UUC).

Chief Austin Emaduku, President General of Udu

Chief Emaduku who during his campaign, engaged with strategic stakeholders, think tanks, and other support groups, focused his campaign on fostering unity among the people and revitalizing the sense of togetherness within Udu Kingdom.

His Royal Majesty, Owhorhu I, the Ovie of Udu kingdom

Chief Luke O. Djeba, the President of Ufuoma Udu, while congratulating Emaduku, commended him for his dedication to serving and expressed the association’s full support for his government.

Austin Emaduku’s emergence as the President General of Udu Kingdom brings new hope and optimism. With his deep understanding of the community’s needs and his extensive experience in leadership roles, Emaduku is poised to lead Udu Kingdom towards progress and development.

In his acceptance speech, Chief Emaduku said that “I appreciated the president of Udu communities and the delegates which comprises the secretaries, Youth Leaders, Women Leaders, and members of the Elders Council. I also thank my partner in the race for Udu Presidency, Chief Moses Ubuaran for his peaceful conduct throughout the period of the campaign. I want to thank His Royal Majesty, Owhorhu I, the Ovie of Udu kingdom for his fatherly love towards all his children. I thank High Chief Godwin Notoma for proving the environment that made it possible for the Udu people to elect me today as their president. I appeal to all to cooperate with this new government. I stand on the shoulders of our foremost leader, late Chief W.T. Odibo to proclaim to Udu that I will serve you.”

The Udu people eagerly anticipate the realization of Emaduku’s aspirations and look forward to a transformative era under his capable leadership. Emaduku’s presidency marks a significant step forward for Udu Kingdom, demonstrating their determination to drive positive change and build a brighter future for all.

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