Chief Efe-Nogo Assumes the Role of Onotu-Uku (Traditional Prime Minister) of Orogun Kingdom

In accordance with the longstanding tradition of Orogun Kingdom, a new Onotu-Uku, or Traditional Prime Minister, was inaugurated on Sunday, February 18, 2024, following the ‘chalking rite’ ceremony which began at the palace of the Okpara of Unukpo by His Highness, Pa Jacob Edafe, and culminated at the Palace of the Okpara-Uku of Orogun Kingdom, HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1.

The Onotu-Uku (Traditional Prime Minister) of Orogun, Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo JP (Middle) flanked by Chief Emmanuel Omoife, the Omo Okpara-Uku of Orogun (Right) and the Ukomo of Orogun (Left) after completing the ‘Chalking Rite’ administered by HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, the Okpara-Uku of Orogun kingdom

The former Onotu-Uku, Chief Innocent Edewor, passed the staff of office to the newly installed Chief Efe-Nogo, who holds the title of Oruese 1 of Orogun Kingdom and boasts a distinguished background as a US Army Veteran, Philanthropist, Justice of Peace, and guardian of Urhobo cultures, beliefs, values, and ethics.

His Highness, Pa Jacob Edafe, the Okpara of Unukpo performing the ‘chalking rite’ on Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo in company of the Ukomo of Unukpo

Chief Efe-Nogo now shoulders the responsibility of coordinating the various chiefs in administering the affairs of the ancient kingdom, under the guidance of the Okpara-Uku of Orogun, HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1.

The installation ceremony attracted a diverse array of community leaders, youth and women groups, media representatives, and notable figures including Chief A.K. Osawota, the ‘Ukomos’ of Unukpo and Orogun, the outgoing Onotu-Uku, Chief Innocent Edewor, Pa Moses Osadjere, Chief Cecilia Kaine, and Madam Grace Isah, Mr. Foster Akpore and others.

Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo JP, the Onotu-Uku of Orogun with Chief A.K. Osawota, the Ogba of Orogun Kingdom at the palace of the Okpara of Unukpo for the ‘Chalking Rite’

“The selection criteria for the Onotu-Uku emphasized attributes such as age, experience, fitness, influence, service record, exposure, integrity, and respect, all of which Chief Efe-Nogo embodies” according to Chief A.K. Osawota, the Ogba of Orogun Kingdom.

The transfer of authority was met with jubilation, marked by gun salutes, cultural displays, and street dances throughout Orogun.

In an interview with Oghwoghwa Reporters at his residence, Chief Efe-Nogo expressed his commitment to serving his people diligently, acknowledging the weight of his new responsibilities and pledging to uphold the legacies of his predecessors. He called for the support and cooperation of the community.

“In Unukpo, where challenges abound and tensions run high, the need for peaceful coexistence, altruistic leadership, and youth empowerment has never been more pressing. We cannot afford to let division and discord tear apart the fabric of our community. Instead, we must come together, with open hearts and minds, to forge a path of unity, progress, and inclusivity”, the Onotu-Uku admonished.

Chief Innocent Edewor, former Onotu-Uku (Left) with Hon. Bennedict Kaine

Hon. Benedict Kaine who praised Chief Efe-Nogo’s leadership qualities, hailing him as “a catalyst for peace, unity, progress, and development in Orogun Kingdom”, urged the populace to rally around him.

Other speakers congratulated Chief Efe-Nogo on his installation as Onotu-Uku and emphasized the importance of maintaining peace in the kingdom.

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