Chief Efe-Nogo Extends a Warm Invitation to His Glorious Oath Taking Ceremony as Justice of Peace (JP)

Orogun, 21/05/23 — Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo, the Oruese 1 of Orogun kingdom, takes immense pleasure in extending a cordial invitation to esteemed individuals to witness and celebrate his grand Oath Taking Ceremony as Justice of Peace (JP). This momentous event promises to be a remarkable affair, filled with grace, honor, and a commitment to upholding justice.

Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo, the Oruese 1 of Orogun kingdom

Venue: Ughelli High Court 1, Ughelli, Delta State.
Date: Wednesday, 24th May 2023
Time: 10.00 am prompt

The distinguished Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo would be delighted to have your esteemed presence at this auspicious occasion. This ceremony marks a significant milestone in his journey as a custodian of justice and a beacon of hope for the community. With a strong dedication to fostering peace and fairness, Chief Efe-Nogo embraces this role with the utmost integrity and noble values.

Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo invites you to share in the triumph of this transformative occasion. By accepting this invitation, you become part of a moment that shapes the future of justice in our community and solidifies the values we hold dear.

Make your presence felt and honor Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo’s remarkable journey as he dons the mantle of Justice of Peace (JP). Your support and attendance would greatly enrich the ceremony, making it an unforgettable experience for all those in attendance.

In celebration of this remarkable milestone, light refreshments will be served at the prestigious Oruese Country Home in the heart of Orogun Town. This joyous gathering presents an opportunity to connect with Mr. Daniel Omonigho for families, reachable at +2348071229777, and Chief Joseph O. Orogu JP for friends, reachable at +2348023946651, who will be pleased to provide further details and address any inquiries.

About Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo:
Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo, who holds a traditional title as the Oruese 1 of Orogun kingdom, is a US Army Veteran and Director General of Delta Emancipation Movement for Agege (DEMA-23). He is a highly respected figure renowned for his unwavering commitment to justice, peace, and the welfare of his community.

His ascension to the esteemed position of Justice of Peace (JP) signifies a new era of integrity and fairness, promising to uplift the lives of countless individuals. He is married to Chief (Mrs) Ese-Oghene B. Efe-Nogo and they are blessed with four lovely children.

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