Chief Ndakara Marks Birthday With Over One Million Naira Educational Support for Orogun Students

***Sir Osawota, Akpore, Macaulay, and Others Hail Transparent Selection Process

***Efe-Nogo, Okotie, Mrs. Osawota, Okwoma, Otareri, Orogunfere Pay Glowing Tribute to Ndakara for the Initiative

In celebration of his birthday on October 1st, 2023, the President General of Orogun Kingdom, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, has initiated an inspiring educational support program for indigent students from Orogun. This noble endeavor aims to provide financial assistance to 22 deserving students, each receiving a 50,000 Naira Educational Support package.

What sets this initiative apart is the transparency and diligence employed in selecting the beneficiaries, overseen by Adjerese O.M. Anuku, who ensured that the process was free from personal and political considerations, ensuring fairness and accountability.

The selection process was carried out with meticulous care, adhering to a set of clear and fair criteria:

No Nepotism or Favoritism: Adjerese O.M. Anuku emphasized that the beneficiaries should not be related to the Presidents-General (PGs) nominating them. This requirement was put in place to prevent any opportunity for nepotism and to ensure that the support was extended to those genuinely in need, rather than being used to empower loved ones or cronies.

Enrollment in Higher Institutions: To qualify for this educational support program, candidates had to be enrolled in higher institutions of learning. This condition ensures that the financial assistance directly contributes to their educational pursuits.

Indigeneity to Orogun: Only students with a clear and genuine connection to Orogun were considered. This stipulation aims to support those who are part of the local community and are committed to its growth and development.

No Relation to Adjerese Anuku: As an additional measure to maintain fairness and transparency, students who were related to Adjerese Anuku, the coordinator of the program, were excluded from consideration. This precaution aimed to prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

Direct Bank Transfers: Beneficiaries were required to provide their personal bank account details to facilitate a direct transfer of funds from Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara via Adjerese O.M. Anuku to them. This approach ensured that the support reached the students swiftly and securely.

Equal Distribution: The 22 beneficiaries were carefully selected to ensure representation from each of the sub-clans within Orogun, with two additional students chosen from Sanubi. This distribution was implemented to guarantee that the program benefits students from all corners of the community.

The selection process was carried out in synergy with the Presidents-General of Umusu – Chief Magistrate Enakpodia, Unukpo – Sir Felix Osawota, Emonu – Chief Itedjere O. Henry, Imodje – Mr. Oghotomuaghan Ogheneruemu Jeetendra, Ogwa – Chief Ken Enwefah PG of Aragba, and Daniel Egerega, who is the PG of Ebor, were added as PG of Ogwa, and Sanubi sub-clans – Engr. Stephen Umukoro. Each PG nominated four students from their respective sub-clans, except for Sanubi, which nominated two students. The thorough and meticulous approach employed in selecting the beneficiaries ensured that the process was carried out diligently and without any disputes.

Adjerese O.M. Anuku, who oversaw the entire selection process, has confirmed that all the beneficiaries have received their financial support. This achievement underscores the commitment to transparency, accountability, and fairness that guided Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara’s educational support program.

Chief Ndakara, who eulogized Chief Anuku for the thoroughness and methodology of the selection process, has this to say: “Thank you, Chief Barr. Anuku, for the service. I knew you would do a good job because of your fair-mindedness.”

The initiative not only serves as a testament to Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara’s dedication to the betterment of Orogun. It also highlights the power of transparent and accountable processes in community development. It is a shining example of how, by coming together as a community and upholding principles of fairness and integrity, positive change can be realized, one student at a time.

One of the grateful beneficiaries, Miss Rachael Otareri, has this to say: “Ose, Chief Benson Ndakara, Miguo Sir. I’m grateful for the show of love on your birthday, sir. Thank you so much for the scholarship; it’ll go a long way. I pray God blesses you in all ramifications. Miguo Sir, Oghene vwiyokewe.”

The under-listed are the beneficiaries of the educational support program:


Jesse F. Edward Tobi
Agabi K. Raymond
Wanogho A. Festus
Edo Anthony.


Akpoobaro A. Happy
Rachael Otareri
Inaki Success
Akpovire Great Nelson


Efetobor Destiny
Oghenekevwe N. Dennis
Moses Maxwell
Ohwojero Wesley


Ovie Gift
Ozor Samson
Obukohwo J. Oghenerugba
Okotie Kelvin


Goodluck O. Francis
Iboyi O. Precious
Princess O. Ogheneochuko
Ofariko Oghenetejiri


Ekpakpada Oke Gift
Orogun Christabel F.

One thought on “Chief Ndakara Marks Birthday With Over One Million Naira Educational Support for Orogun Students

  1. Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara President General, Orogun kingdom, he is rare gem and a blessing to humanity. Long life, good health and more blessings he is wished by all the beneficiaries, Orogun kingdom and all lovers of good things.

    May God bless Chief. O. M Anuku Adjerese of Orogun kingdom for the splendid organisation.

    May God bless Oghwogwa reporters, keep up the good job.

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