College of Education Mosogar Provost Strengthens Affiliation with DELSU, Prof. Egwunyenga Inspects State-of-the-Art Solar-Powered Medical Centre

In a move aimed at bolstering their collaboration, Dr. Israel Imide, the Provost of the College of Education, Mosogar, paid a courtesy visit to the Vice-Chancellor of Delta State University (DELSU), Prof. Andy Egwunyenga. Accompanied by the principal officers of the university, the visit focused on enhancing the degree programs offered in affiliation with COE, Mosogar. Notably, discussions centered around maintaining academic excellence and preserving the distinctive university culture within the programs run by the college in Mosogar.

(L-R) Prof. Andy Egwunyenga, DELSU VC, and Dr. Israel Imide, Provost of the College of Education, Mosogar

During the meeting, Dr. Imide expressed his gratitude for the continued support and partnership from DELSU, highlighting the mutual benefits derived from the affiliation. He emphasized the importance of academic quality and the university culture in nurturing well-rounded graduates who are equipped to contribute meaningfully to society. Both parties acknowledged the need for continuous collaboration to further strengthen the degree programs and provide students with a holistic education.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor, on a separate occasion, embarked on a visit to the university’s Health Services to assess the state of the recently upgraded DELSU Medical Centre. This modern medical facility, powered entirely by solar energy and equipped with ultramodern equipment, ensures efficient healthcare services for students and staff. The Vice-Chancellor was deeply impressed by the high morale and dedication displayed by the staff of the Directorate of Health Services.

During the visit, the Vice-Chancellor personally underwent haematological tests using the newly acquired CBC Digital Blood Analyzer. This state-of-the-art equipment enhances the accuracy and efficiency of blood analysis, enabling the medical staff to provide precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans. The Vice-Chancellor commended the staff for their unwavering commitment to duty and their continuous efforts to deliver quality healthcare services to the university community.

The collaborative efforts between the College of Education, Mosogar, and DELSU seek to strengthen the affiliation, ensuring a seamless integration of the degree programs while upholding academic standards. Simultaneously, the Vice-Chancellor’s visit to the upgraded medical center reaffirms the institution’s commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services to its students and staff.

With a focus on academic excellence and a commitment to the well-being of its community, the partnership between COE, Mosogar, and DELSU is poised to create a vibrant and thriving educational environment. By continuously striving for excellence in education and healthcare, both institutions are shaping the future of their students and making significant contributions to the development of Delta State and beyond.

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