Efe Duku felicitates with Dafinone on his birthday


Like his father, Chief Ede Dafinone is a great man and a leading point of light in our Urhobo Ethnic Nation. That accounting as a profession of honour flows in his vein is a fact duly documented in The Guinness Book of World Records.

That Chief Dafinone is a very brilliant, smart and successful business leader is attested to by the numerous businesses where he holds sway as a globally reputable captain of industry. His philanthropic works are too many to talk about here.

Dafinone is a man of deeply sincere humility who is driven by fine convictions. He loves our people very dearly. Our people love him too.

He calls me “My brother,” and it is from his good heart. Naturally, I have a duty to wish this my Big Brother well, and I always do.

Ogodovame, Happy Birthday sir. The good Lord will continue to bless you in Jesus name. Thank you for choosing to be a good, calm and wonderful leader.

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