Ejiro Imuere Champions Urhobo Dialect Integration to Prevent Dialect Extinction

In a resounding call to action, Doctor Ejiro Imuere, the influential Wado City advocate, is leading the charge for the integration of all Urhobo dialects. With a vision inspired by the greatness of the Ancient Greeks, Imuere emphasizes the urgency of uniting the Urhobo people to safeguard their rich linguistic heritage from vanishing into obscurity.

Dr. Ejiro Imuere

In a heartfelt address to his fellow Urhobo brethren, specifically highlighting the Okpe, Udu, Uvwie, and Ughievwen kingdoms, Imuere delivers a powerful message. He passionately urges them to boldly embrace their individual dialects during gatherings, asserting their linguistic identities with pride. Should others fail to understand, Imuere boldly declares that it is their responsibility to learn. He firmly believes that every dialect within the Urhobo language is a priceless gem, deserving of relentless preservation.

Imuere draws upon the profound wisdom of Chief David Dafinone, a revered champion of the Okpe people and a staunch advocate for the entire Urhobo Nation. “Chief Dafinone consistently showcased his Okpe heritage by speaking the dialect during Urhobo gatherings, highlighting its significance and power”. Imuere echoes this sentiment, urging the “creation of an all-encompassing Urhobo dictionary that includes Okpe, Uvwie, Ujievwen, and Udu words as synonymous terms”. This revolutionary step will not only invigorate the Urhobo language but also foster an unbreakable bond among its divergent dialects, he said.

Senator David Dafinone

Preserving language is tantamount to preserving the essence of a community’s identity and cultural heritage. In a rapidly evolving world where dialects fade into oblivion, the urgency to integrate and revitalize them cannot be overstated. Ejiro Imuere’s impassioned plea for Urhobo dialect integration resonates deeply with this imperative. By acknowledging the immeasurable value of each dialect and embracing them as an inseparable whole, the Urhobo people can ensure an enduring tapestry of linguistic traditions.

Imuere’s advocacy serves as a powerful reminder that language is not merely a tool for communication but a testament to a community’s history, values, and collective spirit. As the Urhobo people rally together to safeguard their linguistic heritage, they forge a formidable sense of cultural unity and unwavering pride. Let Ejiro Imuere’s rallying cry echo throughout the Urhobo community, igniting an unstoppable movement for the preservation and revitalization of their linguistic legacy.

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