“Exploring Career Options in a Depressed Economy: Dr. Charles Apoki’s Alumni Day Lecture at Delta State University”

“…DELSU has come off age”- Prof. Egwunyenga

Renowned medical practitioner, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Dr. Charles Apoki, recently spoke at the Delta State University Alumni Day Lecture on career development in a depressed economy. The event, which was well attended by students, faculty members, and alumni, emphasized the need for young Nigerian graduates to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and seek alternative career paths in the current saturated and competitive job market.

Dr. Charles Apoki

Dr. Apoki defined career development as a journey of self-improvement, rather than just certification. He advised newly admitted graduates to plan their careers from the outset and strive to become the person they want to be, leaving a mark on society, generating momentum, and making money. He also encouraged flexibility and acquiring additional skills while studying.

Networking and building strong professional relationships were also highlighted as crucial components of career development, with Dr. Apoki emphasizing the power of social media platforms and industry events in connecting with like-minded individuals and potential mentors.

Dr. Apoki also called for concerted efforts from both the government and educational institutions to address systemic challenges such as corruption, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to capital, and create an enabling environment for economic growth and development.

In conclusion, Dr. Apoki’s Alumni Day Lecture proved to be an insightful and thought-provoking event, reminding young Nigerian graduates of their potential to contribute to the nation’s progress with the necessary skills, resilience, and determination to overcome obstacles.

The university’s alumni association while expressing gratitude for Dr. Apoki’s valuable contribution and commitment to empowering the next generation of African entrepreneurs also gave awards to deserving distinguished Alumni of Delta State University, Abraka.

Hon. Charles Emetulu, member Delta State House of Assembly, Professor Ochuko Anomohanran, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Professor Mary Agbogidi (1st DELSU Alumni Professor), Mr Michael Numa SAN, (1st DELSU Alumni Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the youngest in Nigeria), and Sir Edwin Ogidi Gbegbaje, quintessential Permanent Secretary, were invested with Special Awards for their services of distinction to Delta State, Nigeria, and Humanity.

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