Forum Hosts ‘Energy Women Hang-Out’ to Commemorate International Women’s Day 2024

On the vibrant shores of Bolowei Resort in Opete, Udu Local Government Area, Delta State, a momentous gathering took place on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024. It was a celebration of resilience, determination, and progress as the Delta State Chapter of the International Forum for Women in Energy, Oil, and Gas hosted an “Energy Women Hang-Out” to commemorate International Women’s Day 2024, echoing the global theme “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress, Inspire Inclusion.”

In her opening address, Mrs. Ogochuku Okekpolo, Head of Corporate Services at Bicens Resources Limited and Director of the International Forum for Women in Energy, Oil, and Gas, Delta State Chapter, expressed her heartfelt enthusiasm for the inauguration of the Delta State Chapter. Established on November 23rd, 2023, the Delta State Chapter stands as a testament to its dedication to supporting women in the oil and gas industry, fostering collaboration, and embracing women entrepreneurs within the energy value chain.

Mrs. Ogochukwu Okekpolo, IWEOG, Delta State Chairperson

Sharing her personal journey, Okekpolo emphasized the forum’s commitment to changing the narrative and contributing significantly to Nigeria’s development, recognizing that empowering women equates to empowering the nation.

As International Women’s Day was commemorated, the forum’s focus remained steadfast on inspiring inclusion and teamwork. Okekpolo urged women to actively participate, make meaningful contributions, and take on leadership roles, emphasizing that their visibility and results define their inclusion.

Tesiri Ekorhi, Secretary of the Forum, echoed the inherent strength and resilience of women, advocating for gender equality and economic empowerment. Crescentia Osabor, the Chapter’s Deputy Director, emphasized the importance of recognizing and harnessing every woman’s potential, driving gender equality and sustainability.

Osabor introduced the “5Cs” roadmap—Consciousness, Conservation, Community, Commercialize, and Culture—as a strategic framework for women’s empowerment and societal progress. In her call to action, she urged women to embrace their daring spirit, prioritize sustainability, and work collaboratively towards an inclusive future.

Dr. Omoba Nkechinyere, from Lilly Hospitals in Warri, underscored the critical role of women’s health in national well-being, emphasizing preventive measures and early detection.

Beauty pageant at the hangout

The fun activities included a beach pageant, dance aerobics, and boat cruise providing opportunities for bonding networking , the “Energy Women Hang-Out” exemplified the spirit of unity and empowerment. Esteemed guests from academia, government, and industry, including Hon. Chief Mrs. Betty Onakpoma JP, Tracy Eguono Akinmoji, Mofe-Ojeke Omagbemi Ochuko, Benedicta Anthony, Onome Eboe-Ogoro, Racheal Oniyoma, Ogechi Avwunudiogba, Gabriella Odatuwa, and representatives from Delta State Women in Politics and Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE), Effurun, reaffirmed their commitment to driving positive change.

A boat cruise along the Enerhen River at Bolowei Resort, Opete

In conclusion, the “Energy Women Hang-Out” was not just a celebration but a testament to the collective strength and determination of women in the energy sector. As they continue to invest in women, accelerate progress, and inspire inclusion, they pave the way for a brighter future for all.

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