Hon. Sylvester Ovbije Takes the Helm as DESOPADEC Commissioner Designate

*** “A Victory for Orogun”- Chief Ogobene
*** “Triumph for Youth Empowerment”- Agabi

In a momentous occasion that has ignited a wave of celebration and optimism, Hon. Sylvester Ovbije (Oniemo) has been appointed as the Commissioner Designate of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC). With this landmark achievement, Orogun’s dynamic and ambitious youth population receives a tremendous boost, heralding a new era of progress and prosperity for the community.

Hon. Sylvester Ovbije

The announcement, which took place amidst an electrifying atmosphere, sent ripples of joy through the hearts of Orogun residents, who have long awaited a leader with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by their community. Hon. Sylvester Ovbije, affectionately known as “Gogorogo” among his supporters, has tirelessly championed the cause of youth empowerment and development, making his appointment a true victory for the people.

Members of the newly constituted DESOPADEC Board designate include:
Chief Festus Ochonogor,Taleb Tebite, Favour Izoukumor, Julius Egbedi, Goru Karo Masta Klovi, Sylvester Ovbije,Nicholas Efeleme, Chief Victor Egbo and Chief Kome Okpobo

As the Commissioner Designate of DESOPADEC, Hon. Sylvester Ovbije will be entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the commission’s vital initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing the socio-economic landscape of the oil-producing areas in Delta State. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment to youth-centric policies make him an ideal candidate to drive meaningful change and transform the lives of the people he serves.

Meanwhile, a PDP chieftain from Orogun, Chief Emmanuel Ogobene, while thanking Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and Rt. Hon. Francis Oborevwori for the appointment, described it as “a victory for Orogun and a foretaste of better things to come.” Chief Ogobene, who is the ‘Afore’ of Orogun further stated in his words, “With immense pride and jubilation, the people of Orogun celebrate this milestone as a recognition of their contributions, aspirations, and potential within the larger context of Delta State’s development. Sylvester’s appointment not only signifies the trust and confidence placed in him by the government but also highlights the Orogun community’s significance in the socio-economic fabric of the region. This victory inspires hope and a renewed sense of unity, as Orogun looks forward to enhanced representation, improved infrastructure, and targeted initiatives that will uplift the lives of its people and pave the way for a brighter future.”

In a related development, Mr. Efe Agabi, while describing Hon. Ovbije’s appointment as “a triumph for youth appointment”, was optimistic that the youth of Orogun, who have been longing for a representative who understands their aspirations and challenges, have reason to rejoice with the hope that Hon. Ovbije’s appointment signifies a resounding endorsement of their potential and a firm commitment to harness their talents for the greater good.

Mr. Agabi further tasked the DESOPADEC Commissioner-designate with the enormity of the task entrusted to him. In his words, “Beyond the razmataz, this appointment comes with a range of responsibilities which is aimed at fostering efficient governance and sustainable development in the oil-producing areas of Delta State. These tasks encompassed spearheading community engagement initiatives, promoting transparency and accountability in resource management, implementing impactful infrastructure projects, and championing the welfare and empowerment of the local population.

The achievements of Hon. Sylvester Ovbije in his previous endeavors have been nothing short of exemplary. Through his relentless advocacy, he has successfully facilitated numerous youth-oriented projects, from skills training programs to educational scholarships, aimed at equipping the young generation with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. His transformative initiatives have already touched the lives of many, instilling a sense of hope and empowerment within the youth community.

Speaking on his appointment, Hon. Ovbije expressed his gratitude for the trust bestowed upon him by His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, and the people of Orogun and pledged to work tirelessly to uplift the community. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to youth empowerment, vowing to leverage his position to create an environment where the young population can flourish and contribute meaningfully to the development of Orogun and Delta State at large.

The appointment of Hon. Sylvester Ovbije (Oniemo) as DESOPADEC Commissioner Designate is an embodiment of the aspirations and dreams of the people of Orogun. It is a testament to their unwavering determination to see their community thrive and a testament to the power of unity and collective action. As Orogun basks in the glory of this momentous occasion, the future brims with promise and the journey toward progress begins anew, fueled by the vision and leadership of Hon. Sylvester Ovbije. Congratulations to Gogorogo! Congratulations to the youths! Congratulations to Orogun!

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