Omoto Fufeyin Slams Wise Man Harry, Others Amid BBC Revelation on T.B. Joshua

Following the BBC’s recent report uncovering firsthand testimonies from at least 25 individuals, detailing allegations of sexual assault, physical abuse, fabricated miracles, and purported trauma caused by the founder of The Synagogue: Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, has criticized the group consisting of 5 Wise Men—Wise Man Racine, Wise Man John Chi, Wise Man Harry, Wise Man Daniel, Wise Man Christopher—and other followers of the Prophet for their failure to stand up in defense of their spiritual leader.

L-R: T.B. Joshua, Omoto Fufeyin and Wise Man Harry

Prophet T.B. Joshua, known for his miraculous healing abilities that supposedly addressed a wide range of illnesses, from cancer to blindness, gained worldwide attention during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

A comprehensive investigation conducted by the BBC in collaboration with Open Democracy spanned two years and involved more than 15 journalists across three continents, centered on a variety of allegations, including claims of sexual assault, physical abuse, fake miracles, and instances of solitary confinement.

The report, based on information from ex-insiders, more than 25 eyewitnesses, and individuals claiming to be victims from various countries including the UK, Nigeria, Ghana, the US, South Africa, and Germany, recounted incidents within Joshua’s compound. Some of these accounts were as recent as 2019. The report also suggests that Joshua accrued tens of millions of dollars from activities like pilgrimages, fundraising campaigns, selling videos, and making appearances at stadiums worldwide.

But in a swift reaction, Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, swiped at the group of 5 Wise Men for keeping mute in the face of the allegation leveled against their father and benefactor.

In his words, from a live broadcast on his verified Facebook page: “God has taken your father to heaven and you will fold your two hands and somebody will now insult your father? Criticizing your father, blackmailing your father, and you will keep quiet. Do you want people to talk before you will come outside? This message is to all the Wise Men and the sons and daughters of Prophet T.B. Joshua. When T.B. Joshua was alive, every one of you were enjoying him. Even up till today, you are still enjoying his glory. Some persons are blackmailing your father who made you become like this, you are enjoying his glory. Wise Men, I am not happy with you people. Somebody is insulting your father who made you to become like this. Some are in Nigeria, some are abroad and you keep quiet and leave it for God. Let me tell you, let the enemies allow the man whom God has taken to rest in perfect peace.

“I am not blaming those who are insulting your father. It is you people that I am blaming for keeping quiet and enjoying his glory. Who do you want to come outside and begin to talk in defence of your father? Tell me, Wise Men. Five Wise Men. Some are in Nigeria right now. Some are abroad and people are now coming to insult your father, accusing your father of things he doesn’t know about and you people kept quiet. Let me tell you again, a voice of attack from social media should be reciprocated through social media. Send the same thing to them. I am not happy with what anybody would want to say because blackmail is already there day and night against men of God. They tried their best in order to pull him down, kill him, no way, just as what happened to Jesus Christ, our Father. That even after killing Him, they still sent soldiers to guard the tomb, so that as they reasoned “When this magician will rise again, let us guard Him”.

“The person who has died has died, who has been with the Lord has been with the Lord, now somebody is insulting your father and you keep quiet. Wise Men…I am not happy with those who also call themselves sons of T.B. Joshua. Now you are quiet. Shame on you people. this accusation is not a strange thing. It had never been there when he was alive. My pain is for the Wise Men and those who call themselves sons of T.B. Joshua. It’s very bad. it’s a big shame. come out and say something about the accusation against your father. you have to be very careful. these people are demons. they are always there to fight the body of Christ. allow the man to rest. commot from here you people who call yourselves Wise Men. I am not happy with you people”, Papa J as he is fondly called, fumed.

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