“Orogun will definitely produce a Governor for Delta State”- Otive Igbuzor, at Orogun Global Day of Prayer

Orogun, a clan in Delta State, reverberated with the echoes of faith and hope as it hosted the 16th “Orogun Global Day of Prayer” on Saturday, February 10th, 2024. The event, held at the Orogun Global Prayer Ground, brought together believers from near and far to seek divine intervention and celebrate the perceived return of God’s presence to their land with a renewed hope that orogun will produce the governor of Delta State.

“Orogun will definitely produce a Governor for Delta State- “Pastor Otive Igbuzor

The lineup of speakers and coordinators for the event included Pastor (Dr.) Otive Igbuzor, who served as the guest speaker, Pastor Enaibre Victor in the role of National Coordinator, Rev. Godspower Ovakporoye as the Home Coordinator, and Most Sup. Evang. Akintoye Emmanuel, the Chairman of CAN for the Orogun Unit. The event boasted an array of activities, featuring special songs, prayers led for youth, village-by-village prayer sessions, and a focus on the restoration of Orogun unto God.

Pastor (Dr.) Otive Igbuzor, the General Overseer of the Palace of Priests Assembly, took the pulpit as the guest speaker, delivering a powerful message titled “God has returned to our Land”, drawn from the book of Zechariah, specifically Zechariah 8:3. The scripture, which speaks of God’s return to Zion and the promise of restoration, served as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of faith and righteousness.

In his sermon, Pastor Igbuzor emphasized the significant shift in the spiritual atmosphere of Orogun. He recounted a time when the community felt abandoned by God, citing a lack of recognition from the government and a sense of stagnation. However, through fervent prayer and unwavering faith, Orogun now stands as a testament to divine restoration.

The preacher highlighted three key themes from Zechariah’s prophecy: the promise of prosperity, the call to righteousness, and the invitation to rejoice. He urged attendees to embrace these principles and to recognize the signs of God’s handiwork in their midst.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in fervent prayers, lifting their voices in praise and thanksgiving for the miracles already unfolding in Orogun. They celebrated recent developments, such as the establishment of educational and industrial institutions within the clan, as signs of God’s favor and providence.

Igbuzor further expressed confidence in the community’s future, declaring, “The President General of Orogun Progress Union, Chief Barr. Ndakara is leading with wisdom and understanding, Orogun son, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege was Deputy President of the 9th Senate, and the 5th Political leader in the entire country. The first person from Delta State. The government has remembered our clan-Federal Polytechnic, Orogun, Defence Academy, Orogun, Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology, Emonu-Orogun, Oil and Gas Industrial Park, Sanubi-Orogun. We almost produced the Governor of Delta State. This is a temporary setback. Orogun will definitely produce a Governor for Delta State. Miracles that is already happening at the Orogun Global Prayers ground.

(L-R) Senator Ovie Omo-Agege with Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara

“Are you seeing what God is doing in Orogun clan? Can you perceive it? Can you see it? Are you seeing the restoration? Are you seeing the prosperity that is coming? Are you keying into it?” Igbuzor’s words echoed the prevailing sense of optimism and faith in Orogun’s destiny.

As the day concluded, attendees were challenged to perceive and embrace the ongoing work of God in their lives and in their community. With hearts full of gratitude and anticipation, they left the prayer ground renewed in their faith and committed to walking in righteousness.

The “Orogun Global Day of Prayer” served as a powerful testament to the enduring faith and resilience of the Orogun people. Through prayer and unwavering belief, they have welcomed God back into their land and are poised to embrace a future filled with promise and prosperity.

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