Prince Efe Duku’s Tribute to KING DUKU II


Equipped with the noble legacy of our forebearer the great King Duku I, you came, saw and served our Kingdom and beyond with an amazingly brilliant, innovative and resourceful spirit under the canopy of Jesus Christ the King of all kings until it pleased the Almighty God to invite you home like all mortals.

As humans we mourn your transition, but we know that we owe God an endless debt of gratitude for His mercies, grace and blessing upon your life as a human. As the Orovworere of Effurun Otor Kingdom, you were the chief custodian of our pristine cultural and sacred traditional values, and constantly did all within your powers to encourage our people and Kingdom to prayerful walk according to the will and supreme authority of God Almighty. Your resourcefulness and innovative mind opened up our Kingdom with great opportunities for many.

Prince Henry Efe Duku

Your Royal Majesty, King (Dr.) Johnson Enemuadia Yovwino Duku, JP (King Duku II), thank you for your earthly race and service to our family, Kingdom and humanity in general. Thank you for always making a great many of us feel exceptional with your authoritative and attractive royalty, especially when you welcomed us heartily to your Palace. Thank you for constantly encouraging us to embrace and offer what is best in us to our Kingdom and humanity as a way of thank God for His wisdom of carefully choosing this blessed land as our place of origin. Thank you, my King.

This is what it comes down to for me, and many others. You were my blood, my uncle who, despite your towering personality as a King, chose to embrace me with amazing love and respect not meant for a junior one. Thank you. I will always love you. Rest In Peace, Uncle Johnson – my King.

Ajuwe! Ajuwe!! Ajuwe!!!

Gbe to de!


Prince Efe Duku

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