Akpore, Abobo, and Agbomiyeri Families Honour Demas Akpore’s Lasting Legacy 30 Years After His Passing

In a heartfelt commemoration, the Akpore, Abobo, and Agbomiyeri families join together to honor the enduring memory of their beloved patriarch, Chief Demas Onoriobakpovwa Akpore. They remembered not just an esteemed educator, visionary leader, and pioneer, but a man whose devotion to family was unparalleled.

Chief Demas Onoriobakpovwa Akpore

Chief Akpore, who graced this world from August 4, 1928, to December 28, 1993, etched an unparalleled legacy. His multifaceted roles as the First Elected Deputy Governor of Bendel State from 1979 to 1983, Principal of Government College, Ughelli (1973-1978), and the driving force behind the establishment of Orogun Grammar School in 1966 define his impactful journey.

His family lovingly reminisces about Chief Akpore’s unwavering love and wisdom, embracing roles ranging from devoted husband and father to uncle, cousin, father-in-law, grandfather, and great-grandfather. His influence extended far beyond familial bonds, leaving an indelible mark through the values he instilled worldwide.

The poignant tribute shared by the Akpore, Monefe Abobo, and Sir Bernard Agbomiyeri families articulate Chief Akpore’s selfless commitment to humanity’s advancement. They honour his relentless pursuit of education as a cornerstone of societal betterment, emphasizing how his beacon of hope and unwavering dedication continue to guide future generations through the tumultuous currents of our world.

Thirty years may have passed since Chief Akpore’s departure, yet his legacy stands tall, illuminating paths of hope and inspiration. As his memory remains an eternal source of guidance, the families unite in paying tribute to a man whose life epitomized service, sacrifice, and an unwavering belief in a brighter future for all.

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