Oliseneku Assumes Presidency of Emonu-Orogun Sub-Clan

The picturesque and tranquil setting of Emonu-Orogun, Ughelli North LGA of Delta State became the epicenter of a momentous occasion as Mr. Wilfred O. Oliseneku assumed the revered position of President General (PG) during the community’s General Conference. The occasion, held on the 26th of December, 2023, marked a historical milestone for the sub-clan which boasts of prominent people like the Akporugos, Dr. Itedjere, Dr. Money, Dr. Igbuzor, and others.

Wilfred O. Oliseneku was elected as President General, accompanied by Mr. Jolly Itodo, who secured the Vice President position, according to custom and tradition of the community at the palace of Okpara of Emonu, in the presence of Pa. Okposio Okuefe the Okwa-Uku, Oshanene Oruorba the Okwa-Uku, Pa. Umukoro Godwin the Okwa-Nta, Smart Ogheneochuko the Onotu-Uku, Kennedy Okoyen the Onotu-Uku Otuere, Prince Ezekiel Oberhiri, Mr Osiake Godday the Otota of Emonu-Orogun community respectively.

Notably, Emonu, the third child of Orogun, boasts its heritage in producing the Ukomo and Ugo-Uku of Orogun at the Okara-Uku-in-Council, the highest decision-making body of the Great Orogun Kingdom. The rotational presidency of Emonu occurs quarterly, with Chief Henry Itedjere concluding a four-year tenure representing the Itodo quarter, while the newly elected president, Wilfred O. Oliseneku, belongs to the Asaba quarter within Emonu. Orogun, as a progenitor, birthed Umusu, Unukpo, Emonu, Imodje and Ogwa.

In his inaugural speech, President General Oliseneku expressed profound gratitude, acknowledging the trust, honor, and confidence bestowed upon him by the distinguished families of Okuchi, Ogwezi, Ukpene, and Emonu at large. He underscored the divine nature of this calling, recognizing the collective belief and support that propelled him into this esteemed role.

The new PG extolled the Emonu Development Union’s (EDU) achievements since its inception, attributing its success to the relentless efforts of the visionary founding fathers, former Presidents General, and esteemed elders who dedicated themselves to the community’s progress. He emphasized the EDU’s unwavering commitment to advocating for good governance, honouring the legacy left by those who had gone before.

Mr. Oliseneku emphasized the need to preserve and enhance the legacy of the EDU, vowing to work tirelessly alongside council members, leaders, and the Okpara in-Council to build an EDU that excels beyond its current stature. His commitment to deploying resources and time toward realizing this vision was unwavering.

In his own words, “As the President General of our dear community, I will do my best to discharge the duties of my office and undertake to respect the judgment and advice of my fellow council members, leaders, elders as well as the Okpara in-Council. I will join hands with well meaning stake holders to create and bequeath an EDU that is better than the one we have today. I want to assure you that I am fully committed and will deploy my time and resources towards the attainment of our vision to establish and sustain a first class EDU managed professionally and responsibly. One that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the community,”

Highlighting key initiatives, Mr. Oliseneku unveiled plans for collaborative efforts to revitalize critical community assets such as the health center, market, and palace. Additionally, he announced a monthly community cleaning initiative and underscored his dedication to fostering unity and quelling divisiveness within Emonu-Orogun.

Oliseneku further said, “In the coming days and weeks, my team will publicly detail key aspects of our program, today permit me to outline in broad terms a few initiatives.”

Recognizing security as a cornerstone of prosperity, Oliseneku vowed to reform the community’s security strategy, stressing the importance of safety in achieving collective progress. His agenda also encompassed an inclusive governance model, inviting active participation from women, youth, and men in decision-making processes.

Promising accountability and transparency, President General Oliseneku assured regular meetings with various arms and committees to uphold diligence and service. His closing remarks echoed a call to unity and collective action, inviting the entire community to join hands in crafting a more ideal and harmonious living space.

The momentous occasion was a testament to the collective aspirations of Emonu-Orogun, underlining a renewed commitment to progress, unity, and sustainable development.

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