Benson Ndakara: Celebrating 63 Remarkable Years of Inspiring Leadership

Dear Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara,

Today, we assemble not merely to acknowledge the unfolding of another year but to commemorate the crescendo of sixty-three years, a span that encapsulates an unrivaled tapestry of inspirational leadership; one that has indelibly etched its mark upon the annals of Orogun Kingdom’s history.

It is serendipitous that your birth coincided with the historic date of 1st October when Nigeria, our beloved homeland, cast off the shackles of British Colonial rule, emerging into a radiant dawn of sovereignty and self-determination.

Your very existence became a living symbol of hope, resonating with the echoes of a nation’s newfound freedom, a profound testament to the shared destiny between your life’s journey and the narrative of our great nation.

The mantle of President General that you have so graciously shouldered for our great kingdom has raised the bar to heights that may remain unmatched within our lifetime.

Your life’s journey has been a testament to your exceptional commitment to the welfare of our community, manifested through your charitable initiatives and unwavering dedication to volunteerism. Your actions have illuminated the path of selflessness, guiding us towards a brighter future through acts of kindness and transformative support.

The three lodges you’ve graciously provided for NYSC members across Orogun symbolize your commitment to positive change and educational progress in our community. These and many other tangible contributions, fortified by your relentless devotion, serve as beacons of hope, lighting the way for generations to come.

The luminous jewels in your crown, such as the prestigious Afrikanwatch Awards, serve as a reflection of your unwavering devotion to our welfare and progress, showering our kingdom with a brilliance that knows no equal.

Your ability to navigate and resolve conflicts mirrors the wisdom of Solomon himself, bringing about unity, peace, and security that are the cornerstones of our flourishing community.

Your vision for a modern Orogun, woven seamlessly with the threads of unity and tireless advocacy, stands as a testament to your sagacious foresight and selfless devotion.

Your guiding light illuminates the way toward a radiant future for Orogun Kingdom, where your legacy will forever shine.

As you gracefully step into your 63rd year, may health and wisdom continue to grace your path, and may success be your eternal companion.

In the warm embrace of your exemplary leadership, we find the inspiration to transcend challenges, and the resolve to shape a better tomorrow for Orogun Kingdom.

Happy 63rd Birthday, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara!

Chief Emmanuel Omoefe, Chief Innocent Edewor, Olorogun Lucky Oghene-Omoru, Chief & Chief (Mrs) A.K. Osawota, Dr. Otive Igbuzor, Chief Magistrate Enakpodia, Chief P.O.C. Ovbije, Sir Felix Osawota, Chief Henry Itedjere, Chief Ken Enwefah, Chief & Chief (Mrs) Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo (JP), Hon. Sylvester Oniemo Ovbije, Chief Emmanuel Ogobene, Dr. Morris Idiovwa, CSP Gladys Imegu, Capt. Mr. Alex Unukpo, Newman Akpore, Chief Kigho Ebioke, Prince Henry Efe Duku, Chief Thompson Opone, Chief Monday Itoghor, Ms. Patience Awero, Chief David Ejukonemu, Mr. Paul Otu (FCA), Chief Edeki Akporugo, Engr. Stephen Umukoro, Chief Paul Okogu, Mr. Thompson Okpogoro, Mr. Mgbonyebi Ejiroghene, Lt. Col. Edojah, Chief Edwin Achugbue, Sir Ochuko Wanogho, Mr. Stephen Okotie, Barr. Denis Warri, Mr. Gideon Egbeme, Mr. Sylvester Nkwo, Mr. Damian Odinisu, Felix Orogunfere, Mr. Foster Akpore

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