Children’s Day: Agofure urges parents to instill good morals into their children.

Ughelli North Deputy Leader and Councilor representing Agbarho Ward 1; Hon. Onoriode Agofure has felicitated with Children all over Nigeria and Delta State in particular as they celebrate “Children’s Day”.

Hon. Onoriode Agofure

According to Hon. Onoriode Agofure’s felicitation message, “Parents should instill good morals while raising their kid(s), according to poetry “The child is the father of the man”, simply means that childhood is an important stage that will determine the future of that particular individual”.

“We owe our wards good education (education is a necessity and a child’s right), and good healthy living”.

“Government at all tiers should create a policy to checkmate “Child Abuse” such as hawking, child trafficking, and child molestation”.

“It’s disheartening seeing children hawking during school hours, seeing a ward less than 16 years already a parent. This issue should be looked into because they hurt the nation’s economy; Overpopulation, unemployment, increase in crime rates, etc”.

We should always remember that children are the light of our Nation so they deserve the very best.

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