Barrister Matthew Onojighofia Omonade, the Member-elect, of Delta State House of Assembly in Ughelli North Constituency 1, has sent a message of hope and light to all children in Ughelli North Constituency 1 on the special occasion of the 2023 Children’s Day Celebration.

Barrister Matthew Onojighofia Omonade,
Member-elect, DTHA, Ughelli North Constituency 1

Filled with so much emotion over the burdens and strains of survival which thousands of children in Delta State are constantly subjected to, Barrister Omonade expressed optimism for the lives of children in Ughelli North Constituency 1. According to him, the young ones in any human society deserve love, protection, and guidance because they are representatives of generations. In his words,

“This day set aside for children, is a very special one. It transcends the mere social ritual of celebration. It is a day of deep reflection on the condition of children, the world over. The sustenance of society lies in the hands of these young ones. They are the future!

“So, we must give them love, protection, and guidance that will shape their lives and society positively. I am optimistic about the glorious future that awaits children in Ughelli North Constituency 1, my primary Constituency. They represent light and we must guard them jealously,” Omonade said.

Barrister Omonade further noted that children should be exposed to the right values and knowledge that will impact society positively.

“I am delighted that amidst dwindling societal norms, there are children who are resilient and upholding values that make us believe we still have leaders of tomorrow anyone can trust”.

Barr. Omonade in his goodwill message promised to work assiduously as the people’s representative to create initiatives that will bridge the knowledge gaps.

“My administration as Ughelli North Constituency I representative will be concerned about positive initiatives that fire the mind for excellence. As future leaders, we must take cognizance of our current situation where many indulge in various social vices, and be ready to move in the direction of renewed hope.

“On behalf of my family, the people of Ughelli North Constituency I, I wish our children a Happy Children’s Day,” Omonade added.

Omonade Media Team

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