Efe-Nogo Hails Omo-Agege at 60: A Legacy of True Leadership and Dedication

The Director-General of Delta Emancipation Movement for Agege (DEMA), Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo (JP), has extended heartfelt congratulations to the former Deputy President of the Senate and Delta APC Gubernatorial Candidate for the 2023 elections, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, on his 60th birthday.

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege (CFR) and Chief Efe-Nogo (JP)

According to a statement issued by his media aide, Foster Akpore, the Oruese 1 of Orogun Kingdom expressed gratitude for the grace of God upon the life of the Obarisi of Urhobo land, describing him as “a distinguished leader and statesman who, out of love for the people of Delta State, left his comfort zone in the Nigerian Senate to venture into the murky and shark-infested waters of Delta governorship.”

Chief Efe-Nogo who is also a Justice of Peace further avers that throughout his illustrious journey in public service, Senator Omo-Agege has consistently exemplified excellence, championing the cause of the people with unyielding passion and integrity. His relentless efforts to foster unity, progress, and prosperity for all citizens have contributed significantly to the growth and development of our beloved country across various spheres.

“Senator Omo-Agege’s unwavering dedication and commitment to the welfare of our people have left an indelible mark on our nation, making him a beacon of hope and a trailblazer in politics,” remarked Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo, the Oruese 1 of Orogun and Director-General of Delta Emancipation Movement for Agege (DEMA-23), during his address at the celebration.

“Born into a legacy of leadership and service, Senator Omo-Agege has displayed an innate ability to bridge gaps and foster harmony among diverse communities,” Chief Efe-Nogo extolled. “His advocacy for inclusivity, promoting understanding, and collaboration among different ethnicities have earned him the utmost respect and admiration from his peers and constituents alike.”

Chief Efe-Nogo further praised Senator Omo-Agege’s influential role in shaping policies and laws that positively impact countless Nigerians. “His tireless advocacy for the welfare of the vulnerable and marginalized has touched the lives of those in need, uplifting communities and individuals alike,” Chief Efe-Nogo commended, underscoring the senator’s commitment to serving the nation and emancipating Delta State from misrule and bad governance.

“Beyond the corridors of power, Senator Omo-Agege’s philanthropic endeavors have made a tangible difference in the lives of numerous individuals and communities across the country,” Chief Efe-Nogo continued. “His compassionate spirit and generosity have provided relief and support to those in need, embodying the essence of true leadership.”

“May this milestone serve as a testament to the remarkable achievements of your past and the promising future that lies ahead as Deltans look up to you to reclaim the mandate freely given to you at the courts by God’s grace,” Chief Efe-Nogo declared.

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