Empowering Orogun Youths for Community Development: Oborevwori’s Call to Action

In a stirring call to action, the Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, exhorted the vibrant Orogun youths to spearhead transformative initiatives in their community. The charge, delivered during the auspicious presentation of the staff of office to HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, the Okpara-Uku of Orogun, resonated with the promise of progress and development that lies within the hands of the youth.

Sir Monday Oyeme, Deputy Governor of Delta State
Sir Monday Oyeme, Deputy Governor, Delta State, represented Governor Oborevwori

“I encourage youths in this kingdom to get involved in productive and sustainable developmental activities,” emphasized the Governor, underscoring the imperative of respecting constituted authorities while igniting the flame of proactive engagement.

Orogun Youth Council
From second left: Mr. Ovoke Oteri, Orogun Youth Council Chairman, Comr. Hitler Oghenenyerhovwo Romeo, Assitant Secretary, Orogun Representative UPU Youth Wing, Hon. Aghogho Ononibe

The potential for community elevation lies squarely within the grasp of Orogun’s dynamic youth. They possess the vigour and ingenuity to revolutionize the landscape through multifaceted endeavors.

  1. Initiating educational workshops stands as a beacon for knowledge dissemination, fostering intellectual growth and skill acquisition among peers. “There should be an annual Orogun youth camp to be facilitated by Orogun academics and professionals to inspire the youths and encourage our youths to get involved in entrepreneurship, vocational and skills acquisition”. The quotes above, an excerpt from a paper titled: ‘Socio-cultural Development of Orogun Kingdom in the 21st Century’ delivered by Professor Sunny Awhefeada at the 2021 Orogun Conference on 2nd October 2021 further reinforces this sentiment.
  2. Volunteering for local causes becomes a conduit for altruism, channeling their collective efforts toward uplifting the marginalized and underprivileged.
  3. Environmental stewardship emerges as a pivotal arena for their impact. Spearheading projects to safeguard and enhance the local ecosystem underscores their commitment to sustainable development.
  4. Collaborating with astute local leaders presents an opportunity to synergize ideas and resources, birthing infrastructural advancements that fortify the community’s foundation.
  5. Furthermore, the youth’s invaluable asset lies in their capacity to be mentored. Establishing mentorship programs for younger members cultivates a culture of guidance, nurturing future leaders poised to carry the torch forward. In June 2019, Aragba Secondary School students, mentored by the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development, secured second place in a keenly contested Quiz and Essay Competition organized by NACGOND/CCGS at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Out of 23 schools—two from Delta State and 21 from Rivers State—they brought home a trophy and 50,000 Naira. Their remarkable performance led to Delta State hosting the 2020 edition for the first time, which saw Orogun Grammar School taking the first position, defeating Government College, Otovwodo Grammar School, and others. This victory showcases not just their academic prowess, but also highlights the impact of mentorship and underscores our youth’s potential for academic excellence.
  6. Their passion and verve resonate with their ability to raise awareness about pertinent social issues. Campaigns and events galvanize collective consciousness, sparking dialogues and inciting positive action to address prevalent challenges like illegal collection levies (aka deve), drug abuse, prostitution, cybercrime, etc.

Youths of Orogun, listen closely: within each of you pulses a profound power—an unstoppable force comprised of energy, creativity, and unwavering passion. This force isn’t just potential; it’s the catalyst for a transformative wave in our community.

Students of Aragba Secondary School with the CIE of Ughelli North

Rt. Hon (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori’s call to action isn’t mere words; it’s the ignition for our journey toward community development. The responsibility now rests upon our shoulders. But fear not, for we are armed—not with weapons, but with innovation, unwavering determination, and an intense yearning to shape a future where progress and prosperity dance hand in hand.

Let’s seize this moment, embrace this power within us, and march forward. Let’s weave our energy, creativity, and fervor into the fabric of our community, stitching together a tapestry of enduring change. Together, let’s craft a legacy that sings of resilience, unity, and a brighter tomorrow for Orogun. The time for transformation is now, and it begins with us.

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