Oborevwori Presents Staff of Office to Orogun Monarch, Ozenikpe 1, Emphasizes Just Leadership

*** “Orogun Monarch has never been given any official car, yet Orogun Oil accounts for over Four Billion Naira every day”- Ndakara
*** “You can hold me responsible. This kingdom will not be left out in the sustainable developmental plans of this administration” – Oborevwori

The Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori has emphasized the importance of traditional rulers embodying values such as justice, fairness, and equity in their leadership. He urged them to prioritize the well-being of their people above all else and to always consider the fear of God in every decision they make.

Sir Monday Onyeme, FCA, presenting the staff of office on behalf of Governor Oborevwori to HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, the Okpara-Uku of Orogun kingdom

On Thursday, 7th December 2023, Oborevwori conveyed this message during the formal bestowal of the Staff of Office to His Royal Majesty, Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, the Okpara-Uku of Orogun Kingdom in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State. Representing the governor, his Deputy, Sir Monday Onyeme, FCA, extended congratulations to the king and the kingdom of Orogun for their peaceful and seamless transition of leadership.

Sir Monday Onyeme, FCA being welcomed by Chief Ndakara while Hon. Adode, Chiefs Ogobene, Omoife (Omo Okpara-Uku), and Anuku look on in excitement

Oborevwori says, “I warmly congratulate His Royal Majesty for the smooth ascension to the royal stool of your ancestors. I am particularly excited because this ancient kingdom bears dual nationality. This is an Urhobo land. This is an Ndokwa land.

Sir Monday Onyeme, FCA reading the speech of the Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori

“We are here to be part of this wonderful and joyous occasion of the presentation of Staff of Office to His Royal Majesty, Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, the Okpara-Uku of Orogun Kingdom. It is obvious that this particularly important occasion of this kingdom, given the presence of notable community leaders, residents, and well-wishers who have all assembled to savour the infectious joy and ecstatic novelty of this great event. On behalf of myself, the government, and the good people of Delta State, I warmly congratulate His Royal Majesty, for the smooth ascension to the royal stool of his ancestors.

Chief Ndakara savouring the joy of the staff of office with the Okpara-Uku while Oyeme, Adode and others look on

“I also felicitate the people of Orogun and everyone in this kingdom for their cooperation, understanding and contributions which helped to make today’s event the success it has become. Very obvious.

“The ceremony of this day is the high point of various traditional rites and other processes which are necessary for the ascension to the throne of the Okpara-Uku of the kingdom. The peace and unity that attended these initial steps attest to the confidence that the people and residents of this kingdom repose on this traditional institution and His Royal Majesty.

“Your Royal Majesty, I appeal to you to encourage the free flow of communication, dialogue and consultation with all segments of your kingdom; I also urge you to be transparent while upholding at all times the virtues of justice, fair play, and equity in all your dealings with your subjects.”

The Okpara-Uku and Omo Okpara-Uku of Orogun

“Please ensure that in everything you do and in every decision you take, the interest of your people and above all, the fear of God is placed above all other consideration.

“You should also ensure that peace reigns supreme in your kingdom. Any threat to peace in this kingdom should be reported to the security agencies and the Local Government Council to ensure that peace in this kingdom is more nurtured.

“I urge you to encourage youths in this kingdom to get involved in productive and sustainable developmental activities while according all constituted authorities the respect they truly deserve.

Orogun youths led by Mr. Ovoke Oteri have been encouraged by Oborevwori “to get involved in productive and sustainable developmental activities”

The governor, in the presence of HRM Dr. Emmanuel Ekemejewa Sideso Abe 1, Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom, Chairman of the Association of Urhobo Traditional Rulers, otherwise known as Ukoko R‘ Ivie Urhobo, HRM Okiemute Onajite Igere 1, the Ovie of Ogor Kingdom, HRM Wilson Ojakovo Oghoghovwe, Oharisi III the ‘Ovie of Ughelli kingdom, HRM Dr. Matthew Ediri Egbi, Owahwa II, The Okobaro of Ughievwen Kingdom, HRM Uku Odjevworo Akpomeyoma Majoroh, Ojeta 11, The Ovie of Oruarivie, Abraka, HRM Solomon Akporhiere, Okukeren III, the Ovie Of Arhavwarien Kingdom, HRM Macaulay Ovbagbedia, Osadjere 11, Ohworode of Olomu kingdom, the Okpara-Uku-in-Council, Orogun President-General-in-Council, the Orogun traditional Council of Chiefs, emphasized the crucial role of traditional rulers in maintaining peace within their domains. He highlighted the importance of promptly reporting any threats to peace to the security agencies to ensure continuous harmony within the kingdoms. Additionally, he urged the community members to show the King the respect and honour he rightfully deserves. The level of respect given to your ruler will be reciprocated by the government.

The Okpara-Uku with Traditional Rulers Who Came to Celebrate With Him

Responding to the germane request by Chief Ndakara, he said “I thank you for the kind words you have expressed towards the Delta State government and the efforts we have made to positively impact this kingdom. I have also noted the submissions of the President General and the Council Chairman. I am not taking it for granted. I will take it upstairs and by the special grace of God, positive results will come out of it.

Members of Orogun Traditional Council of Chiefs

“Let’s be patient. Something must be done. I take specific exception to the fact that since the history of this kingdom, His Majesty has never been given an official vehicle. By the time we are doing anything like that, you can hold me responsible. This kingdom will not be left out of the sustainable developmental plans of this administration. This explains why the need you have highlighted would be given to the relevant government agencies for necessary action. Your roads that you talked about, we will report it to the appropriate agencies. Both the Commissioner for Urban and the Commissioner of Rural are people that are very close to me and I am sure we will work together and something will come to Orogun kingdom“, Oborevwori assured.

Earlier in his address, the Chairman of Ughelli North Local Government Area, Hon. (Chief) Godwin Adode JP, said that the people of Orogun Kingdom and the entire Ughelli North were ready to work hand in hand to support the MORE agenda of the Oborevwori administration.

He described Orogun people as peace-loving, who followed due process in the selection of the Okpara-Uku.

In his speech, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, the President General of Orogun Kingdom, expressed the community’s satisfaction with Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori’s government for acknowledging their kingdom with the presentation of the Staff of Office to their king. This recognition, he said, has put them at par with other monarchs, a fact that pleased the people. While acknowledging previous developmental projects by the government, Chief Ndakara highlighted additional urgent needs of the kingdom. He expressed concern that despite contributing over Four Billion Naira to the nation’s economy through oil production, these pressing needs remain unaddressed.

Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, Orogun President General reading his speech

The full text of Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara is reproduced below:

“It is with great Honour and Joy that I stand before you to give this brief address.
I welcome you most sincerely to Orogun Kingdom. Orogun Kingdom is one of the 24 Kingdoms in Urhobo land located in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State. It is a large Kingdom with about 30 communities, capable of meeting the requirements of a Local Government.
Your Excellency, we operate the system of GERONTOCRACY which is rulership by the oldest person. Our selection system is unique, devoid of Political Coloration and Manipulation and every Orogun person knows the consequences of doing otherwise. Today, after about one year of installation, there has been neither protest nor
litigation. This our Monarch, is a man, in whom and whom we are well pleased.
We are most grateful for this staff of office. It has placed us on an equal platform with other Monarchs within Urhobo Land.
Orogun Kingdom is an oil-producing community with an average oil output of about 50,000 barrels per day, spread over about 42 oil wells within OML 30.
Your excellency, with the current oil price of about 80 Dollars per barrel, Orogun brings to the National Treasury about N$4,000,000.00 (Four Million Dollars) every day, and with the current value of the dollar to the naira, which is about N1,200.00 per dollar, Orogun Oil accounts for over Four Billion Naira every day.

Like Oliver Twist, we respectfully seek or ask for the following:
(1) Uncompleted projects in Orogun Kingdom. Top on the list is the Aragba-Ebor, Obodeti-Otorho Orogun Road, which is about seven (7) kilometers. The past regime, under the Leadership of His Excellency Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, graciously completed the first phase, from Aragba to Ebor. It is the only internal road linking about four(4) communities, that is not tarred. This road is a pain in our necks.
(2) Orogun – Emevor Road: Emevor end of the road was completed but the Orogun side was left out.
(3) Orogun Owhologbo Road: The Owhologbo end of the Road was completed but the Orogun side was left out.
(4) We appeal for the completion of the ongoing construction of a ring Road, which will take the traffic and pressure off the main town, thereby expanding the community.
(5) We appeal for the renovation of the community centre, behind Orogun Primary School.
(6) Official car: Your Excellency, Orogun Monarch, from our records has never been given any official car, like others. We respectfully appeal to your Excellency to look into this, with a view to finding solution, sir.

Like other communities in Delta State, we have experienced some negative behaviour of herdsmen. We have been very diplomatic in handling the situation. To this end
we have adopted strategic and non-violence measures in doing this.
We thank the governor, the Deputy Governor and indeed the State Executive Council for this approval of staff of office.
We will not take it for granted.
We will co-operate with the government for the progress of the state.
Finally, sir, as you depart we sincerely wish you and your entourage a very safe trip back to your station.
Thank you, sir.”

The moment Sir Monday Onyeme, FCA, said, “Distinguished ladies and gentlemen and the good people of Orogun kingdom, it is my honour and privilege to present staff of office to His Royal Majesty Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, as the Okara-Uku of Orogun kingdom, to the glory of God and on behalf of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori”, the vibrant celebration echoed with canon, cultural dances, feasting, and a palpable sense of unity, marking the dawn of a new era under the guidance of HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1. As the community rejoiced, the ceremony served as a testament to Orogun’s enduring spirit—a kingdom deeply rooted in its cultural heritage and steadfast in its belief in the leadership of their Okpara-Uku.

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