Harmony Political Family of Imodje Orogun Mourns Late Member with Condolence Songs

“…We are here today for people to know that PDP cares”- Chief Ogobene

By Foster Akpore

On Wednesday, the 15th of May, 2024, the Harmony Political Family of PDP, Imodje Orogun, led by High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene JP came together to honour the memory of their late member, Mr. Emmanuel Oseghe, affectionately known as Itetebe. Sponsored by the Harmony Political Family, the solemn gathering saw an outpouring of grief and solidarity as members paid tribute to their departed comrade.

High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene JP (middle with umbrella) and other members of Harmony Political Family

High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene JP, the life patron of the Harmony Political Family, opened the ceremony with heartfelt remarks, expressing shock and sadness over Mr. Oseghe’s untimely demise. He recounted how the news of Mr. Oseghe’s passing came as a rude shock and emphasized the need to celebrate life’s joys, as the PDP family had always done. Chief Ogobene highlighted the purpose of the Harmony Political Family, emphasizing its role in fostering unity and support during moments of both joy and sorrow.

In his words, “We are here today for people to know that PDP cares. Whether in life or death, we care in PDP. We look after our people in PDP. We will ensure that the family our late member left behind will be looked after.”

Following Chief Ogobene’s remarks, an hour of condolence songs filled the air, with melodies from legendary artists like Don Williams and Jim Reeves. These poignant tunes, including classics such as “Till the Rivers All Run Dry”, “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend,” “This World is Not My Home” and ” Am I That Easy To Forget?”, served as a somber reminder of the fleeting nature of life.

In an interview with Oghwoghwa Reporters, Chief Ogobene, who is a member of the Delta State Peace Building and Advisory Council to Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, reflected on the significance of the songs, noting that they encouraged introspection on life’s impermanence and the importance of leaving a meaningful legacy. He reiterated the PDP’s commitment to supporting its members through all stages of life, emphasizing the party’s role in providing solace and assistance to grieving families.

Other PDP chieftains, including Hon. Okpako Godwin Onome, Orogun Ward 2 PDP Chairman, also paid tribute to Mr. Oseghe, lauding his dedication to the party and his contributions to the community. They offered words of comfort to the bereaved family, urging them to find strength in their PDP family during this difficult time.

The younger brother of the deceased provided insight into Mr. Oseghe’s final days, revealing that he passed away on the 10th of May, 2014 after a brief illness. Despite efforts to seek medical attention, Mr. Oseghe succumbed to his ailment, leaving behind an aged mother, a wife, and seven children. He expressed gratitude to Chief Ogobene and the Harmony Political Family for their support, affirming the family’s decision to remain loyal to the PDP.

In a display of solidarity, Chief Ogobene and other PDP stalwarts like Hon. Okpako Godwin Onome, Hon. Mr. Benson Onovughe, Mr. David Ighovojah, and others rallied to raise substantial funds to assist the bereaved family. Mr. Oseghe Ejaita, speaking on behalf of the family, expressed deep appreciation for the support received, underscoring the PDP’s unwavering commitment to its members in times of need.

As the ceremony drew to a close, the echoes of the condolence songs lingered, serving as a poignant reminder of the enduring bonds within the PDP family of Imodje Orogun. Though mourning the loss of a beloved member, the community found solace in coming together to honour his memory and provide comfort to his grieving loved ones.

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