Federal Polytechnic Orogun Holds Maiden Matriculation Ceremony

***Ndakara, Efe-Nogo, Igbuzor, Progress Omo-Agege, Ichide, Akpude others, extol Senator Omo-Agege for founding FEPO

Orogun, Delta State, Nigeria – May 11, 2024

By Foster Akpore

In a momentous event marking the beginning of academic pursuits for the 2023/2024 academic session, Federal Polytechnic Orogun held its inaugural Matriculation Ceremony on Saturday, May 11th, 2024, at the Central Lecture Auditorium.

The Rector of FEPO, Dr. Duke Okoro and Principal Officers

The ceremony, presided over by the pioneer Rector, Dr. Duke Okoro, saw the convergence of dignitaries, faculty, staff, and students to formally welcome the new cohort of scholars into the institution’s academic fold.

With the resplendent atmosphere adorned in academic regalia, the event commenced promptly at 11:00 AM, signaling the commencement of a new era for the polytechnic.

In his address, Dr. Duke Okoro, the Rector of Federal Polytechnic Orogun, welcomed dignitaries, staff, students, and guests to the maiden matriculation ceremony. He expressed gratitude to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former President Muhammadu Buhari, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege for their support in establishing the institution. He further acknowledged strategic partners like Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), the Tertiary Education Fund (TETFund), the Federal Ministry of Education, and the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP).

Dr. Okoro while congratulating the matriculating students, advised them to embrace practical skills and integrity. He emphasized the importance of holistic education and character development for success in a knowledge-based economy. He further outlined FEPO’s commitment to excellence, future academic programs, and supportive structures. Dr. Okoro reiterated the institution’s values and called for collaboration to uphold them.

A session of the Matriculating students

In his words, “Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of our institution, Federal Polytechnic Orogun (FEPO), Delta State. A journey that has been fueled by determination, dedication, and a shared vision for excellence in education. As we gather here on this auspicious occasion, It is with immense pride and joy that I stand before you as the Rector of this emerging great institution, to celebrate our maiden matriculation ceremony.

“FEPO is committed to providing a top-tier education that equips you for successful careers and fulfilling lives. We offer a dynamic and supportive learning environment that fosters your passions, hones your skills, and empowers you to achieve your goals.

“In our Polytechnic, we are dedicated to providing quality education that prepares students for successful careers and fulfilling lives. Our academic programmes are designed to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing job market, grounded in real-world experience and hands-on learning, equipping our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields.

“We anticipate a future with a wide variety of academic programmes spread among three schools: the School of Business Studies, the School of Applied Sciences, and the School of Engineering. While we await NBTE’s approval for the other nine programmes, we are excited to begin our academic programmes with the three already approved; Departments of Business Administration and Management, Statistics, and Accounting. We are convinced that these programmes will serve as a solid basis for our pioneering students’ academic journeys.

“We are actively pursuing approval from NBTE for additional programmes in Computer Science, Marketing, Mass Communication, Science Laboratory Technology, Library and Information Science, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Civil Engineering. These programmes will be re-presented to NBTE for resource verification and approval in due course”, Dr. Okoro enthused.

The ceremony featured moments of solemnity, as the incoming students took the Oath of Matriculation, pledging their commitment to uphold the principles of academic integrity, discipline, and excellence throughout their academic journey.

In his key note address, the Executive Secretary of National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Prof. Muhammad Idris Bugaje, represented by the Zonal Director, South-South Zonal Office, Mr. Cyril Mbong, while congratulating the Rector and the polytechnic community, said ” this occasion marks a significant milestone in the institution’s journey towards academic excellence and innovation. the approval granted to commence academic programmes after a thorough resources inspection and approval visitation last year is a testament to the institution’s commitment to quality education and educational development.

“As we embark on this new phase, it is imperative that we uphold the values of integrity, diligence and inclusivity. Shun all acts of illegality such as over-enrolment, and enrolment into non-accredited programmes. Please, let us create an environment where learning flourishes, and where students are inspired to explore, to innovate and to contribute meaningfully to society.

“To the matriculating students, I offer my warmest congratulations to you. Your presence here today symbolizes the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and strive for excellence in all your endeavours. As you enter Federal Polytechnic, Orogun, you are entering an institution that carries the weight of immense responsibility and potential for incredible impact on your lives…. may the Federal Polytechnic, Orogun continue to grow and thrive, serving as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in technical education. Once again, congratulations.”

Meanwhile, good-will messages have been pouring in from Orogun people:

According to the President General of Orogun Kingdom, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara “I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the successful maiden matriculation ceremony of Federal Polytechnic, Orogun. This milestone event marks a significant moment in our community’s history, symbolizing progress, opportunity, and the fulfillment of longstanding aspirations. We commend all those involved in making this occasion a resounding success and look forward to the continued growth and impact of this great institution on the human capital and economic landscape of the great Orogun kingdom.”

In the same vein, the Onotu-Uku of Orogun, Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo JP, said, “I congratulate my friend, the Rector Dr. Duke Okoro, the Academic Board, and students of FEPO for the successful inaugural matriculation ceremony of Federal Polytechnic, Orogun. My deepest gratitude to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege for his instrumental role in bringing this historic institution to Orogun. This event signifies a monumental achievement for our community and highlights the crucial role of higher education in community development. It mirrors the founding of Orogun Grammar School in 1966 by Chief Demas Akpore, which greatly contributed to our educational advancement. The establishment of FEPO heralds a new era of growth and progress, providing enhanced educational opportunities and socio-economic development. Congratulations to our beloved kingdom.”

Reacting to the news of the maiden matriculation, Dr. Otive Igbuzor, Chief of Staff to the former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, “Congratulations. God is faithful. Orogun is on the path of development. By His grace, nothing can stop it. Spiritual, economic, social and cultural transformation on the horizon. There is time for everything. Okiemute. Destiny calls on some people. Urhievwe (destiny).”

In an interview with Oghwoghwa Reporters, Comrade Progress Omo-Agege, Head of Public Relations and Information at Federal Polytechnic, Orogun, praised the recent maiden matriculation ceremony as “excellent.” He commended the Rector, Dr. Duke Okoro, for orchestrating a superlative event and highlighted the institution’s promising development. Omo-Agege emphasized the economic benefits of the polytechnic, noting a significant increase in land value since its establishment. He urged students to prioritize academics and avoid social vices that could hinder their goals. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege for his support in establishing the institution, deeming his contributions invaluable.

Comrade Progress Omo-Agege suggested that Senator Omo-Agege’s capabilities could be better utilized in higher roles. He hailed Orogun Polytechnic as a rising star in the educational landscape, predicting future recognition comparable to esteemed institutions like Harvard and Yale while expressing confidence in the polytechnic’s potential to surpass even these renowned universities in the coming years.

Chief Monday Ichide, a Chartered Accountant and former Bursar at the College of Education, Mosogar, and an indigene of Emonu-Orogun, expressed gratitude towards President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, for the remarkable infrastructure developments in the educational institution. He remarked that the impressive structures leave a lasting impression on visitors, including himself. Ichide emphasized the importance of modern educational facilities, particularly in cutting-edge technology, and encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of them. As a native of the community, Ichide highlighted his personal interest in the institution’s progress and urged others to enroll their children from not only Orogun community but across the nation. He predicted that soon, international students would also be attracted to the institution. Ichide praised Senator Omo-Agege as a remarkable individual and expressed confidence that God would elevate him even higher, thereby bringing more benefits to the community.

Chief Young Akpude, the “uyota 1” of Orogun kingdom, also expressed gratitude to General Muhammadu Buhari and Senator Ovie Omo-Agege for bringing “a first of its kind polytechnic to Urhobo land and delta State. I am very happy to see something like this in orogun to bring development to Orogun kingdom, Urhobo land and Delta State as a whole. I am very impressed”

In a similarly, Chief Pender Omas, whose son is matriculating said, “This polytechnic would be one of the best in Nigeria. I recommend this school to other Nigerians. If for just a year we have this type of facility, just imagine what it will look like in three years’ time. Senator Ovie Omo-Agege should be a god that should be worshiped. What he has done, many people who have been in government for more than twenty years, they have not done what this man has done for just one tenure as Deputy Senate President.”

Miss Laura Nato-Praise of the Department of Business Administration and Management said, “I am so happy to be a pioneer student of FEDPO. I am so proud of this school. I don’t event know how to express myself that today is my matriculation day. I am really excited. I am going to tell the world how good this school is. I encourage all to come and register for this school. the lecturers are trying; they are working hard to make sure that we get better result. I am really happy to be in this school.”

As the ceremony unfolded, it was evident that the occasion served as more than a symbolic gesture; it marked the commencement of a transformative educational experience for the matriculating students, who are poised to embark on a journey of knowledge acquisition, personal development, and scholarly pursuits.

The event concluded on a high note, with a sense of optimism and anticipation resonating throughout the auditorium, symbolizing the collective aspiration for a successful academic year ahead.

Federal Polytechnic Orogun inaugural Matriculation Ceremony stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to academic excellence and its unwavering commitment to shaping the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

For the indigenes of Orogun kingdom, the news of this Maiden Matriculation resonates deeply, echoing the sentiments captured in a quote attributed to Barack Obama. It reflects a belief in the limitless possibilities inherent within Federal Polytechnic, Orogun. It reaffirms the enduring dream of Justice James Omo-Agege to establish a higher institution in Orogun, a dream that is very much alive in our time. It also underscores the influential role of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in bringing Federal Polytechnic to Orogun. Today serves as a resounding answer to any lingering doubts or questions about the potential and significance of this institution.

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