In loving memory of my late wife, Mercy Edesiri Ukori (née: Obukohwo),

Words fail to convey the depth of my emotions and the significance you held in my life. My love, my baby, the magnitude of sorrow and anguish that envelops me upon your passing is a testament to the profound impact you made during your relatively short but impactful time on Earth. Having you in my life was a dream come true, the best gift I could have ever received. You brought me the joy of fatherhood and taught me invaluable lessons through your actions during the time we spent together.

Late Mrs. Mercy Edesiri Ukori

You were simply amazing – virtuous, beautiful, highly intelligent, and filled with fun and humor. Your daily compliments and praises uplifted and inspired me in ways you could never fully comprehend.

We shared a friendship and a bond that no one else could understand. Together, we faced and overcame challenges that threatened our union, turning them into love and unity. Your humility, faithfulness, effectiveness, ambition, principles, and love for peace radiated from you, making everything around you more beautiful. As a trained nurse, your prescriptions were often more effective than those of doctors for our family. You were the choir mistress of our household, teaching me and our children songs, and your graceful dance steps were a sight to behold. Your laughter was genuine and infectious, and you always sought to resolve any conflicts within our home without involving a third party.

Mr. Jude E. Ukori (JP)

You embraced my entire family with love and became intimately connected to them, easily passing as a daughter to my parents and a sister to my siblings. Your willingness to do anything to please me knew no bounds.

The complaints of your deteriorating health began in 2021, shortly after the burial of my beloved late mother, when you were diagnosed with fibroids. Little did we suspect that it was a scheme orchestrated by the devil, gradually unfolding into a deadly tumor.

You remained strong, even accompanying me to the burial of my late father in March 2022, impressing the entire community with your resilience. Little did I know that you would become the next victim, causing me immeasurable pain and grief.

In December 2022, when the doctor revealed that it was a tumor, we were both overcome with worry and fear. Yet, as believers, we summoned courage and found solace in prayer, holding fast to the belief that “with God, all things are possible.” We both agreed, confessed, and believed that our situation would end in praise.

You were hesitant to undergo chemotherapy, but it became the only viable option as your condition rapidly deteriorated. On May 28, 2023, you underwent surgery and emerged successfully. The following day, you interacted with me and those who came to visit, giving us hope that all was well.

However, in the early hours of that fateful day, May 30, 2023, the cold and merciless hands of death snatched you away.

Helplessly, I watched and prayed agonizingly, but my pleas were in vain.

Since your passing, my tears, grief, and pain have been ceaseless. I will mourn your departure for the rest of my life; it is a wound that will not easily heal. However, I will not allow myself to be consumed or overwhelmed by grief. I promise you that I will be strong for our children, and together, we will make you proud.

My love, may you find eternal rest in the arms of our Lord, where pain and sorrow do not exist.

With a heavy heart and fond memories, until we meet again.

Your husband, Jude E. Ukori (JP)

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