Isio Social Club, Aragba-Orogun Celebrates Founder’s Day to Honor Onakpoma’s Legacy

Isio Social Club, a Community-Based Organization (CBO) founded with the noble objective of promoting community development, contribution, self-help, and mutual coexistence, among members across various communities in Orogun, gathered in a momentous event in Aragba-Orogun on Sunday 9th July, 2023 to commemorate Founder’s Day. The occasion sought to institutionalize the memory of the late founder, Mr. Godwin Onakpoma, while fostering a renewed connection between club members and the next generation.

Late Mr. Godwin Onakpoma

During his brief remarks, Pastor Christopher Ambrose Onakpoma, who was represented by Ambassador Fidelis Onakpoma, accompanied by Hon. Dr. Wilson Ekwerekwu, Prophet Efe Edah, Mr. Gift Onakpoma, and others, shared a touching account of the club’s origins and his personal experiences.

Ambassador Fidelis Onakpoma gives his remark, while Prophet Efe Edah, Hon. Dr. Wilson Ekwereku look on in excitement

In his words: “Isio Social Club was established by my late father, and they used to convene its gatherings in our family home on ‘Afo’Sundays of every month. It was through these meetings that I acquired valuable lessons on leadership, observing my father’s exemplary character. Despite his humble background, Mr. Godwin Onakpoma commanded respect and rarely faced criticism, except when he stood firmly against corruption.”

From Left to Right: Gift Onakpoma, Fidelis Onakpoma, Prophet Efe Edah, Hon. Dr. Wilson Ekwereku

The profound influence of Mr. Onakpoma’s leadership extended beyond his lifetime. “Even after his passing in 2016, the members continued to hold their meetings in the family house, reverently addressing him as the chairman. Remarkably, there have been accounts of his presence appearing in the dreams of members, offering encouragement and urging their continued dedication to the club’s activities,” Fidelis added.

Members of Isio Social Club dancing

The event held special significance as it sought to strengthen the bond between the club’s members and the children of the late founder. It provided an opportunity to rekindle the spirit of unity, ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of Isio Social Club.

The celebrations encompassed various activities and heartfelt tributes. Attendees shared fond memories and stories that highlighted Mr. Onakpoma’s unwavering dedication to the community and his role as a beacon of integrity. The event also showcased the invaluable life lessons learned from the late founder, emphasizing the importance of community engagement, empathy, and collaborative efforts toward the betterment of Orogun and its surrounding communities.

Chairman of Isio Social Club, Mr. Paul Olakpororemu and Executives

In response, the Chairman of Isio Social Club, Mr. Paul Olakpororemu, appreciated and prayed for the late Mr. Godwin Onakpoma’s children for feting members of the group. Other members of the group in attendance include Mrs. Mary Okpara, Mrs. Agnes, Mrs. Victoria Onomu, Mrs. Alice Onakpoma, Mrs Beatrice Ebiai, Mrs. Anna Abanum, Mrs. Dele Ozar, Mrs. Alice Adarighofua, Mrs Philomena Onyenaju, Mrs Queen Abanum, Mrs. Janet Oyabemem, Mrs. Grace Ogu, Mrs. Christiana Oghenekevwe, Mrs Fidelia Enefeli, Mrs Kennedy Bose, Mrs Christiana Ejo.

Chairman of Isio Social Club, Mr. Paul Olakpororemu giving his remark

Looking ahead, Isio Social Club aims to build upon the spirit of Founder’s Day by organizing regular events and initiatives that strengthen the bond between club members and the children of the late founder. Through these endeavors, they strive to create an enduring legacy that upholds the principles of community development, self-help, and mutual coexistence.

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