Rtn Obiuwevbi Ominimini Assumes Office as Assistant Governor of Zone 16 in Grand Installation Ceremony in Asaba

Rtn Obiuwevbi Ominimini has been formally installed as the Assistant Governor of Zone 16 in a grand ceremony held in Asaba. The event, attended by Rotary members, local dignitaries, and well-wishers, celebrated Ominimini’s new role. Ominimini, known for his commitment to service and community impact, has played a significant role in successful projects and initiatives.

Rtn Obiuwevbi Ominimini (Assistant Governor Zone 16) and Rtn Emeke Michael Utebor (District Governor, 9241) during the installation ceremony

The installation ceremony began with an invocation and a welcome address by the outgoing Assistant Governor, who praised Ominimini’s leadership qualities and expressed confidence in his ability to enhance Rotary’s impact in Zone 16. The official installation ceremony, administered by District Governor Rtn Emeke Michael Utebor, saw Ominimini receive the Assistant Governor’s insignia, symbolizing his responsibility to uphold Rotary’s values.

Ominimini with other Rotarians savouring their new appointment

In his inaugural speech, Ominimini expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Assistant Governor. He acknowledged the support of fellow Rotarians, family, and friends, emphasizing their crucial role in his Rotary journey. Ominimini outlined his vision, focusing on community development, youth empowerment, and healthcare initiatives. He pledged to foster collaboration among Rotary clubs within Zone 16 and ensure inclusivity and diversity in their projects.

The installation ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks and a celebratory luncheon, allowing guests to network and foster camaraderie. As Ominimini takes on his new role, there is optimism within the Rotary community. With his leadership, passion for service, and commitment to Rotary’s core values, he is expected to lead Zone 16 towards greater achievements and a brighter future for the communities they serve.

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