Ndakara, Ogobene, Others Applaud DIG Akpoyibo for Influencing Developmental Projects to Orogun

In a heartwarming display of appreciation to retired Deputy Inspector General of Police, Marvel Akpoyibo, the Orogun President General, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene JP, and others have lauded the esteemed officer for his remarkable contributions to community development in Orogun.

DIG Marvel Akpoyibo flanked by Chief Benson Ndakara (L) and High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene

According to a report broken by Chief Ogobene, who holds multiple titles including, the Afore of Orogun kingdom, the Ukiri Igho of Ogor kingdom, the ObeneRovie of Ughelli kingdom and Ochi Urhobo of Idoma land (Benue state), “DIG Akpoyibo’s impact is evident through the implementation of numerous infrastructure projects, notably the installation of over fifteen roads with drainages in Orogun, adorned with solar street lights.”

Chief Ogobene, who is also a member of the Delta State Peace Building and Advisory Council, emphasized the transformative effect of this initiative, envisioning a picturesque stretch of illuminated streets from Igbuku to Orogun Grammar School.

“Furthermore, DIG Akpoyibo’s advocacy and intervention have facilitated the realization of over six roads with solar street lights in Ugono-Orogun axis, solar-powered water projects in key educational institutions like Orogun Primary School and Orogun Grammar School. Asphalt resurfacing of Igbuku through to Orogun’s major main road with drainages. The latest completion today is Harmony Close road, which connects to the late Prof. Peter Eke and another spur to late Okogbe Street, all in Imodje, Orogun, are among the notable projects executed in Orogun.

One of the many roads situated in Imodje-Orogun

“These initiatives not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also promote sustainable development practices within the community” Chief Ogobene further said.

Chief Ogobene expressed admiration for DIG Akpoyibo’s ability to influence positive change without directly engaging with contractors, highlighting the officer’s humility and selflessness. He drew parallels between DIG Akpoyibo’s actions and the virtues of compassion and service exemplified by Lord Jesus Christ, commending the officer’s embodiment of these principles.

Chief Ogobene further reiterated that “He is doing all these just for the love he has for his people. He is not a politician, and he is not doing all these things because he or any member of his family is going for any elective position. This, I know very well.”

This sentiment, expressed by Chief Ogobene reflects the collective gratitude of Orogun Kingdom towards DIG Marvel Akpoyibo for his unwavering dedication to nurturing progress and prosperity.

Below are some of the responses recorded by Oghwoghwa Reporters from the sons and daughters of Orogun Kingdom, following the breaking news by Chief Ogobene:

“Dear DIG Marvel Akpoyibo, silver and gold, we do not have to give to you for your unwavering commitment and tireless efforts towards the transformation of our community, inspiring us all to strive for excellence. Thank you for leading by example and showing us the power of dedication and service. Orogun cannot thank you enough. We are grateful. All we have is our prayer, for the Almighty God to sustain and protect you. Amen.”- Chief Barr Benson Ndakara, Orogun President General

“My dear DIG Akpoyibo, just wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation for all the amazing developmental projects you’ve spearheaded in Orogun. The entire Kingdom are truly grateful for your dedication and hard work. May God bless you abundantly”- Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo, JP (Oruese 1 of Orogun Kingdom)

“May the Almighty God continue to uphold him and lift him up in His right hand of righteousness. Thank you so much for the good works”. – Onwara Ogbevire Precious Omosomuofa

“Great job, daddy! There is no act of kindness greater than giving back to one’s kingdom/community. The same way you tarred almost all the streets in our Ugono Community you’ve replicated here. The most interesting part is that you do all these without fuss. Posterity shall continue to be kind to you. Miguo sir.” – CSP Gladys Enohor Ekpakuemu-Imegu

“Dear DIG, Your efforts in bringing about positive change in Orogun haven’t gone unnoticed. We are thrilled with the unprecedented transformational projects you’ve influenced. Thank you for making a real difference” Captain Newman Akpore

“Wow! I just wanted to say a big thank you to DIG Akpoyibo for his incredible impact on our community through developmental projects. Your commitment to improving lives is truly inspiring, and we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done.”- Chief Kigho L. Ebioke

Dear DIG Marvel Akpoyibo, I just want to, from the stable of the Adjerese express our gratitude to you for all the amazing projects you have brought to Orogun. We are thrilled with the positive changes you’ve helped bring about in the lives of the people. As you keep up the fantastic work, be rest assured that you are inspiring us to be like you when we grow up! God bless you Sir” Adjerese Oghene-Meshack Anuku

“God Almighty bless him and his lovely family in Jesus Christ’s name.”- Hon. Evang. Felix Ogbajini

“DIG, may God’s grace speak for you always in Jesus’ name (Amen).” – Hon. Ebu Joe

“Just good. A man of towering status doing what is good for his community.” – Mr. Axel Umukoro a.k.a. Prof. Jogodo

“I am blessed with so many good people in my clan, Orogun Kingdom. May God Almighty bless whatever you lay your hands to do.” – Chief Kenneth Enwefah

“This is worth emulating. Orogun is blessed. May God continue to bless and keep him and his family. May people and nations queue to favor him and his seeds in Jesus’ name. Amen.” – Evang. Alfred Ogobene

DIG sir, it feels like words aren’t enough to express our gratitude for all you do for us in Orogun. We are so lucky to have a person like you. Your dedication to the cause of Orogun Kingdom is truly admirable and commendable. We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done, sir. God bless you, sir. – Chief Paul Okogu

“Great job. God bless and continue to uplift DIG Akpoyibo. Congratulations to the communities that benefit from this.” Mr. Alfred O. Anyabine

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you very much Sir.
May God Almighty replenish you abundantly with more blessings, good health and protection in Jesus name. Amen.”- Prof. John Akpobi

“We thank God for our father DIG M Akpoyibo Rtd. for this great rescue job in my community. These streets would have been difficult to access during the upcoming rainy season. May our good God continue to guard and guide him in Jesus’ mighty name.” – Evang. Oghotomuaghan Ogheneruemu Jeetendra

“This is an uncommon feat. The love of DIG Marvel Akpoyibo (Rtd) for the development of Orogun kingdom is overwhelming. All that you do is recognized by the Almighty God in heaven. God bless you mightily in Jesus’ name. I dare say that we have not seen anything yet; more are coming ooooo.” – Sir Felix Osawota

“Wow!, this is a big one. We’ve got a lot of good news in the community all through this week. God bless you, sir.” – Mr. Paul Otu, FCA

“Wonderful ooo, DIG Akpoyibo long life is your prayer.” – Chief Henry Itedjere

“This is awesome! God Almighty bless our Elder DIG in Jesus name.”- Dr. Frank

“Indeed, we are happier for this great project. God Almighty continue to bless DIG M. AKPOYIBO AND HIS FAMILY for his goodwill.”- Barr. Thompson Opone

“Migwo My DIG, I join my people to greet you for more strength , good health and favour in Jesus Name”- Chief Edeki Akporugo

“God bless DIG for the monumental contribution to uplifting humanity in Jesus Name.”- Sir Fred Okpogoro

The outpouring of praise and gratitude towards DIG Akpoyibo from the people of Orogun serves as a powerful reminder that acts of kindness and dedication do not go unnoticed. It reaffirms that our legacy is shaped by the positive impact we make in the lives of others.

In response to the heartfelt encomium, DIG Marvel Akpoyibo humbly attributes all glory to God and expresses gratitude to all. This heartwarming exchange encapsulates the essence of community, compassion, and the profound impact of selfless service. Truly, it is through our collective efforts and appreciation that we can continue to uplift and inspire one another.

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