Ogbajini Unites Delta’s Crème de la Crème to Honour Father-in-Law

In a breathtaking panorama at Orogun Primary School’s serene haven, an unparalleled funeral unfolded, dripping with opulence. Evang. Felix Ogbajini, a distinguished aide to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, orchestrated an extravagant tribute to his revered father-in-law, Evang. Benson Anore Efe. This was no ordinary gathering; it was a tapestry woven with the silken threads of Urhobo tradition, a gala where family bonds reached their pinnacle on Saturday, 18 November 2023, in Otorho-Orogun, Ughelli North LGA, Delta State.

Evang. & Mrs. Felix Ogbajini

The stately procession, a reverent tribute steeped in honour and homage, accompanied the esteemed patriarch from the mortuary to the sacred grounds of God’s Grace Ministry (GGM), Orogun, signaling the commencement of his eternal resting place. Dressed in regal garb, mourners and family joined hands in this symbolic journey, a unified pilgrimage honoring his enduring legacy with each solemn step.

The solemn rituals unfolded with a celestial ceremony at the hallowed precincts of God’s Grace Ministry (GGM), led by Revd. Evang. Edward Sweetson Tagbare and assisted by Cath. Evang. Desmond Etarakpobuno. Alongside a gathering of esteemed clergy, choristers, and devoted members, they convened to celebrate the life of the late Evang. Benson Efe. Their harmonious tribute, an emotive hymn of profound reverence and unwavering dedication, resonated deeply within the collective spirit of the community.

After the interment, Orogun Primary School transformed into a vibrant hub of activity, its stage adorned with the resplendence of Urhobo heritage. The festivities unfolded in a majestic display of the ‘in-law greeting,’ an exclusive custom honoring men who have fulfilled their wives’ bride price in full.

L-R: Ms. Patience Awero, Adjerese Oghene-Meshack Anuku, and Chuks Erhire

Evang. Felix Ogbajini, the orchestrator of this grand celebration, ignited the scene with a stunning array of ‘egbane’ firecrackers, announcing his arrival and filling the air with joyous melodies and elegant dance. Amidst this lively spectacle, Mrs. Aghogho Ogbajini, in accordance with tradition, poured libation at her husband’s feet—a symbolic gesture signifying acceptance into her family.

Hon Evang. Felix Ogbajini and family walk in elegant dance steps to perform the In-Law Greeting rite

The wife’s family extended a warm welcome and entertainment to their son-in-law, accompanied by his family members. In return, Ogbajini, drawing in the elite of society, reciprocated this hospitality, doubling their generosity. The pinnacle of the ‘in-law greeting’ arrived as Evang. Ogbajini graciously showered his wife and family with a generous cash gift, symbolically wiping away their tears. In a poignant gesture, Mrs. Ogbajini presented her husband with a wrapper, a tangible symbol of honor and deep affection woven into their bond.

Mrs Aghogho Ogbajini

Distinguished figures, including luminaries like Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, Chief & Mrs A.K. Osawota, Prof S.W.E. Ibodje, Chief Magistrate Enakpodia, Surv. Peter Akarogbe, Chief Pius Ovbije, Hon. Henry Itedjere, Hon. Godspower Odenema, Mr. Obakpororo Onoabedje, Chief Monday Otobrise, Hon. Friday Onodjae, Hon. Samuel Mariere, Hon. Sylvester Ovbije, Chief Amos Agboje, Chief Jones Esombi, Mr. Stephen Okotie, Ms Patience Awero, Chief Edeki Akporugo, Chief Andrew Oviri, Mrs. Edeki, Hon. Alhaji Oki, Chief (Dr) Edwin Achugbue, Hon. Felix Oderohwo, Barr. Reuben Wanogho, Prince Henry Efe Duku, Olorogun Dr. Akpede Austin, Pastor Ovie Kanabar, Mr. Innocent Efetobor, Mr. Axiel Umukoro (aka Jogodo), Chief Monday Ruona Itoghor, Chief Oghene-Meshack Anuku, Barr. Dennis Warri, Hon. Chuks Erhire, Mr. Eric Okunima, Mr. John Itoghor who represented Dr. Otive Igbuzor, Ovoke Oteri, Emmanuel Iyeni, Chovwe Oteri, and many more dignitaries from diverse backgrounds, acknowledging him as a dedicated church worker, a successful Insurance broker, and a nurturing paternal figure to countless individuals beyond his own children, joined Evang. Ogbajini in paying their respects to Evang. Benson Anore Efe at the ceremony.

Front Row Left- Right: Chief Benson Ndakara, Chief Pius Ovbije, Chief Monday Itoghor, Alhaji Hon. Oki. Behind, L-R: Foster Akpore, Mr. Stephen Okotie

MC. Axiel Umukoro, known as ‘Jogodo’, and Evang. Clement Ogbeta, each a maestro in their own right, wielded their words and melodies like a symphony, captivating and stirring the hearts of everyone present. Their oratory prowess and soul-stirring music intertwined, leaving an indelible mark of awe and admiration on the audience.

MC. Axiel Umukoro, a.k.a ‘Jogodo’, and Evang. Clement Ogbeta in their elements

Amidst this enchantment, Evang. Felix Ogbajini, renowned for his hospitality, orchestrated a feast fit for royalty. An opulent spread of delectable cuisines and beverages adorned the tables, a gesture that transcended mere hospitality and etched itself as a cherished memory in the minds of every guest who graced the occasion.

L-R: Olorogun Dr. Akpede Austin, Foster Akpore, Prince Henry Efe Duku

Late Evang. Pa. Benson Efe Biography

Late Evang. Pa. Benson Efe was born in 1930 into the family of Late Egizi Efejaria and Eghaighe Dorcas Iguegu, both from Uku Street in Unukpo Quarters of Orogun Town in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State.

He was the first child of the family and had his primary education at Christ Missionary School (CMS) Orogun, later continuing his studies at Albert College in Sapele. Following his education, he worked at British America Insurance and subsequently at NICON in Ibadan.

In 1999, Daddy began his Christian journey and was baptized in God’s Grace Ministry Inc. World Wide. Due to his commitment, he was appointed as the assistant Secretary at GGM Orogun, a position he held for an extended period before being appointed as Pastor’s Warden.

Daddy served as a Pastor’s Warden until he was unable to fulfill his role due to age catching up with him. He lived an exemplary life until his passing after a brief illness. Throughout his active years, Daddy was known as a disciplinarian, deeply prayerful, an advisor, and incredibly beloved.

Rest in peace, Daddy. We believe you are resting in God’s embrace. Sleep well until we reunite and part no more. Amen.


He was a good and loving father and I will miss the time we spent together.

Mrs. Aisha Rebecca Ajao

My dad was a real gem and an epitome of knowledge, he was among his equals in his youthful age a pure gentleman. As said no man is perfect except God though you have your flaws but it’s incomparable to the principles and standards you set as a man. Dad I love you, I miss you, and will always do. Rest on adieu vansway (no venture no success).

Efe Ogheneochuko Jeffery

It hurts to know you are no more Dad, remembering the names you used to call me whenever I visited sometimes brings me to tears. Thanks for bringing love among us (all your children). Thanks for always standing for the truth. I love and miss you. Dad, rest on.

Mrs. Able Oghenefejiro (Fejisco)

Dad was a great storyteller, always made things look easy even when it’s not, caring and interesting, There were no dull moments with him, always found a way to make the worst situation so bad, always encouraging, I love you, I miss you, and will always do. Rest on daddy.

Efe Ufuoma Anna.

It hurts that whenever I come back home, there’s no one to call me Megus anymore. Thank you for being a great Dad and friend, you were an epitome of greatness, and I love you a lot Dad, you are in a better place now and I pray God gives you peace… I love you so much and I miss you. Rest on Dad…

Efe Óghenemega (Megus)

He has a name for everyone even when angry. Letting go at the last moment. Is so hard, even when age has ridden you, I was still having hope of you living a little longer. My no-stain daddy, rest well.

Mrs. Ogbajini Aghogho (Aghos Special)

Dad was a great man, full of positive energy and wisdom, his type is rare, even if he was not perfect, he was not close to to worst. worst, worst, though he has passed on, but his legacy lives ON, Adieu Daddy. (AKPO KEDE FA)

Efe Oscar Akpore

Dad, it’s still difficult to fathom that you aren’t here with us anymore, you’ve taught me the value of hard work and to always strive for excellence. Your wisdom, guidance, and prayers will always be a guiding light in my life and I will always remember your laughter and warm and caring nature. You are deeply missed but your legacy will live on in the lives of all those you touch. Thanks for being an amazing dad and keep on resting in God’s bosom.

Jesustekevwe Christabel Efe

Grandpa, we miss you and we love you. Knowing that going to the village without anyone to call Grandpa is hurting. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.

ELO B & SIBLINGS (Your Grandchildren)

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