Fraud: German Citizen Decries Government’s Negligence in Duty to Protect Against Fraud

…Calls for Improved Law Enforcement, Education, and More, Regarding Multiple Forms of Financial Violence

Describing the ordeal of financial violence and its devastating impact on individuals, with no established contact points addressing the issue and subpar prosecution of involved actors—such as retrieving lost funds or tracking down perpetrators—a German citizen (name withheld) has blamed governments at all levels for not adequately fulfilling their duty to protect lives and property while calling for improved law enforcement, education, established contact points, and emergency support to combat multiple forms of financial violence, fraud, and exploitation.

In correspondence with SunViewNews on Wednesday, November 23, 2023, the anonymous source stated that fraud industries seem to be operating worldwide, enriching themselves at the expense of victims. This deplorable situation has left many people stranded and has adversely affected the nation’s economy even more than before.

While there are established contact points for individuals experiencing physical violence, including helplines and counseling centers, there are no such contact points addressing the issue of financial violence—a pervasive pandemic.

The source attributed the surge in financial fraud to a global pandemic, largely due to the lack of opportunities, education, and peace worldwide. They stressed that peace can be fostered globally if every citizen has the right to protect their identity, ownership, and access opportunities. This stands in contrast to attitudes of incompetence, seizure, inhumanity, and servitude that seriously endanger democratic structures.

“I believe that if our country earnestly takes on the responsibility for global peace, by ensuring justice for all people, then all forms of violence will diminish,” she added.

“I hereby demand that our state respond to the rapid growth of the fraud industry, establish clear boundaries, create contact points, and allocate financial resources for emergencies. We expect our government to fulfill its constitutional duty to protect our property, health, safety, personal rights, and create conditions where every citizen can live safely without being endangered,” she asserted.

“I envision a society where compassion and care are fundamental values, ensuring that no one feels isolated or falls victim to scams. Victims should not and must not face discrimination.

“Financial violence also inflicts health and psychological consequences on those affected,” she opined. She advocated for simplifying victim compensation laws, establishing counseling centers, and increasing fraud awareness through prevention campaigns and education.”

In conclusion, she maintained that fraud could decrease, and citizens could be better protected if they embraced the responsibility before God and man, inspired by the will to serve global peace as equal members.

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