Ogobene Launches Harmony Political Family, Welcomes 40+ APC Defectors and Empowers 60 Women

IMOJE-OROGUN, Delta State -High Chief Emmanuel Ogobene, JP, a distinguished PDP Chieftain and member of the Delta State Peace Building and Advisory Council, celebrated his birthday on April 7th and further marked the occasion on Monday, April 8th, 2024, by launching the women’s wing of Harmony Political Family at his Imodje-Orogun residence.

The women’s wing of Harmony Political Family having a good time together

The event was not only a celebration but also witnessed the induction of over forty former APC members into the PDP ranks. Chief Ogobene underscored the importance of this shift, declaring, “This signifies the establishment of our women’s wing within the Harmony Political Family.”

To honour and symbolize the Easter season, Chief Ogobene discreetly gifted tokens to over sixty attendees. Expressing his gratitude, he commented, “I appreciate our thorough planning and meaningful discussions, and I am optimistic about our path to success.”

Chief Ogobene highlighted the potential electoral influence of the gathered group, revealing that each attendee represents roughly three voters. With fifty-three people present, the gathering could potentially influence approximately two hundred voters.

Chief Emmanuel Ogobene in a group photograph with the women’s wing of Harmony Political Family

Reiterating his confidence, he said, “Our discussions and planning have been fruitful, and I believe we are on track for success. With fifty-three attendees, we have the potential to sway the opinions of around two hundred voters.”

Chief Ogobene further reiterated that “with the launch of the women’s wing of Harmony Political Family (HPF) in Imodje-Orogun, as the adage goes, “charity begins at home,” and we are laying our foundational roots right here. Shortly, we anticipate launching the men’s wing of the Harmony Political Family to mirror the momentum of our women’s group. Our vision encompasses building a cohesive family of 100 members, each committed to recruiting at least three additional members.”

Concluding the festivities, Chief Ogobene extended Easter greetings to all present, calling for unity under the PDP banner. The heartfelt chant of “Power to the People!” from the appreciative women resonated, signaling a rejuvenated spirit of cooperation and political vigour.

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