Okpe Youth Council Inauguration Raises Concerns Over Ijaw Youth Council’s Presence Without UPU Youth Wing

***I charge you to let peace be a focal point in collaboration with the Orodje, security organizations, and the larger Urhobo community- Chief Austin Ayemidejor

***My administration will build an ultra-modern secretariat which will serve as a converging point for all Okpe youths”- Odiete

The recently held inauguration ceremony of the National Executive Committee of the Okpe Youth Progress Association, popularly known as the Okpe Youth Council, witnessed a momentous transition in leadership on Wednesday 13th March 2024 at Udogun Hall Orerokpe Opposite Orodje Okpe Palace. However, amidst the celebration and promises of a new era, concerns were raised over the absence of representation from the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Youth Wing, juxtaposed with the notable presence of members from the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC).

New OYC Executives taking their oath of allegiance administered by Okakuro Isaac Itebu

The event, graced by notable dignitaries saw the administration of oaths to the newly elected executives by Okakuro Barr. Isaac Itebu. Chief Austin Ayemidejor, Chairman of the occasion, highlighted the pivotal role of the youth in fostering peace and unity within the Okpe community, echoing the sentiments of collaboration with the broader Urhobo community and urging the newly appointed executives to prioritize this objective. Others include Governor Okoyaya and representatives from Seplat Energy PLC,

Chief Austin Ayemidejor, Chairman of the occasion, and other dignitaries

However, what drew attention was the high-powered delegation of members of the Ijaw Youth Council during the inauguration. They include Amb. Prince will Binabai, Spokesman, IYC Worldwide, Dr. Doubra Okotete, Chairman, IYC, Delta, Edo and Ondo States, Comrade Andrew Seikorowei, Secretary General, Iduwini National Youth Council, Delta and Bayelsa States, Comrade Oyas Ingbesekumo, Chairman, IYC, Iduwini Clan, Comrade Lucky Otutufegha, Leader, IYC Worldwide, Comrade Prince Clement, Comrade Temewei Pharaoh. While the gesture of fostering inter-ethnic relations is commendable, it also sparked concerns among observers, particularly the absence of representation from the parent UPU Youth Wing. This absence raises questions about the unity and cohesion within the broader Urhobo Progress Union, with some expressing apprehensions about potential break-away by the Okpe leadership.

Comrade Moses Newcome Odiete with IYC Executives

In his inaugural speech, the newly elected President of the Okpe Youth Council, Comrade Moses Newcome Odiete, expressed optimism about the future of the council and outlined plans for promoting unity among Okpe youth, addressing issues of youth restiveness, and building infrastructure such as an ultra-modern Secretariat. However, the absence of specific mention or outreach to the UPU Youth Wing during his speech added weight to the concerns raised.

Okakuro Barr. Isaac Itebu administering the Oath of Allegiance to Comrade Moses Odiete

Adding to the discourse, the outgoing President, Comrade Israel Ejiro Otomewo, highlighted the achievements of his administration, including initiatives in security, boundary dispute resolution, humanitarian efforts, and political engagement. However, the absence of a direct mention of the UPU Youth Wing President, Activist Blessed Ughere, or a mention of an ongoing collaboration with them further fueled speculations about the state of unity within the broader Urhobo youth leadership.

L-R: The outgoing President, Comrade Israel Ejiro Otomewo giving his handover speech to the incoming president, Comrade Moses Newcome Odiete

While the Okpe Youth Council has demonstrated its commitment to progress and inclusivity through its inauguration ceremony, the absence of a unified representation from the Urhobo community, juxtaposed with the presence of members from another ethnic group, raises pertinent questions about the cohesion and collaboration within the Urhobo youth leadership. As the newly elected executives embark on their journey, it remains imperative for them to address these concerns and reaffirm their commitment to unity and inclusivity within the Urhobo community.

Inauguration Speech by Comrade Moses N. Odiete (President OYC)

It is with great pleasure and immense gratitude to God that I address you today as the 4th elected President of Okpe Youth Council (OYC) worldwide.

Today, it is not just my inauguration; it is our inauguration, as it marks the beginning of our collective quest for a new and better Council.

Today, a new Okpe Youth Council is born through this inauguration!

The glory of the Okpe Youth Council shall manifest in the coming months to the glory of God and to our collective pride.

Let me take this moment to appreciate our founding fathers and past leaders for their great sacrifices and services to the council. Indeed, they used their intellect, time, energy, and zeal to lay the foundation, emancipate, and uplift our youth. We can look back and say that they indeed contributed their quota to the growth and development of the council.

Today, we can build upon what they have done. To them, we say thank you.

I understand clearly the enormity of the task before me, and I have no illusion that it is going to be an easy ride.

I must mention that there are no quick-fix solutions to these challenges, but one thing is certain: we are prepared to take the challenges head-on, and we will hit the ground running immediately.

As president, my administration will put in place the necessary mechanisms to promote love and unity among Okpe youths. Issues relating to youth restiveness in the kingdom will be effectively tackled in order to promote peace.

As I promised during my manifesto, my administration will build an ultra-modern Secretariat for the council. The proposed Secretariat will serve as a converging point for all Okpe youths worldwide.

My administration will engage in consultation with relevant stakeholders before any major decisions are taken. Where there is a need for us as a council to agitate for what is due to Okpe youth, we will do so without fear. It is often said that “freedom is not given”… It is either taken by dialogue or by force.

Once again, my sincere appreciation to all our esteemed dignitaries, too numerous to mention, who took out time to attend this inauguration ceremony.

On behalf of the newly sworn-in executives of Okpe Youth Council, we want to say thank you for honoring us with your presence. May God grant you journey mercies back to your various destinations.

Handing Over Speech by Comrade Israel Eiro Otomewo, Outgoing President, Okpe Youth Council Worldwide

On Wednesday 13th March, 2024
Edion Hall, Orerokpe

The Chairman of this occasion, the President-elect of Okpe Youth Council Worldwide, Odiete, newly elected executives, the members of the board of [Association Name], and all National Leagues here present,

Firstly, I want to thank the Creator of heaven and Earth for guiding us through the course of my tenure as the President of Okpe Youth Council. You will agree with me that the task of leadership, especially when it involves youths, is no easy feat. In all, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to God Almighty for His continuous guidance and support throughout my administration. I also extend my thanks to our amiable and wonderful Monarch, His Royal Majesty, Okpe Kingdom, for your fatherly role, total support, and guidance through my administration. I pray for God Almighty’s continued blessings upon your name.

This administration, led by my humble self, was inaugurated on the 13th of March, 2021, with sixteen (19) tangible objectives. Immediately after the inauguration, we took stock of the state of the council and identified areas needing attention. No organization can run effectively without financial stability. Therefore, we critically examined our financial situation and discovered that our bus was beyond repair. After much deliberation and consultation, the decision was made to sell the bus. The proceeds from the sale of the bus provided crucial navigation during the early stages of this administration.

My Stewardship

Security Summit

Upon resumption of office, this administration, in collaboration with Sapete Development, organized one of the most attended events in recent times – the Security Summit. Held in Orerokpe, Delta State, the summit focused on themes such as Security Development in Okpe Kingdom.

Boundary Dispute

As one of the aims and objectives of the council, we worked to ensure that our boundaries were protected, especially in light of disputes with neighboring communities such as Abigborodo Community in Van Sponso, Delta State.

Humanitarian Efforts

Believing in the ethos of serving those in need, Okpe Youth Council, led by my humble self, received support from friends and brothers who believed in our cause. We extended assistance to orphanages in Sapele Local Government Area and visited a lady from Umiagwa Community who gave birth to twins. We provided baby items, and a cash donation was also given to support the family.

Okpe Governorship Flag Off

This administration flagged off an Okpe Governorship campaign in Udogun Hall Orerokpe. The aim of this campaign was to solicit support from political parties in Delta State to give an Okpe Son the needed opportunity to govern the state. This campaign was pursued vigorously from the date of flag off until our dream was actualized. This led the Council to embark on consultative visits across the length and breadth of Delta State. Eventually, PDP gave our own His Excellency, Okakuro Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwon the ticket of the party, which he eventually won, and today he is the Executive Governor of Delta State. Prior to the general election in 2023, Okpe Youth Council, in collaboration with Okpe Christian Assembly, organized a one-day prayer session for His Excellency, Okakuro Rt. Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, with the theme: “If God be for Us”. Okpe Youth across the 13 administrative Districts of Okpe Kingdom and members of Okpe Christian Assembly gathered in Udogun Hall Orerokpe, and we prayed earnestly to God on behalf of His Excellency, Okakuro Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori and Okpe Kingdom. In the bid to put our faith into work, we also embarked on district-to-district campaigns, sensitizing Okpe youths on the need to vote massively for His Excellency, Okakuro Rt Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori.


Employment, as Okpe Youth Council’s responsibility, involved assisting our members in the area of job opportunities. As such, two slots of contract jobs were given to Okpe Youth Council, equally shared between Sapele and Okpe Local Government Areas. Today, both individuals are working at PTI Effurun.

Award Ceremony

On Saturday, 13th January 2024, the leadership of Okpe Youth Council Worldwide organized an award ceremony for deserving sons and daughters of Okpe Kingdom who have distinguished themselves in their various chosen careers and also for their support for Okpe Youth Council and Okpe Kingdom in general. The aim of the award is to express gratitude and encourage our leaders to do more.

District Executives Formation/Inauguration

At the expiration of the tenure of District Executives, this administration has inaugurated the 13 district Coordinators and their executives, and most of the districts are functioning well.

Funding of the Council

The need to get a source of funding for the Council became necessary, and this led us to move around seeking ways to fund the Council. With the help of His Royal Majesty, Orhue 1, CFR, mni, the Orodje of Okpe Kingdom, Okakuro Austin Opubor, and Comr Godspower Enerho, Okpe Youth Council was given some surveillance job slots that have helped to fund the Council on a small scale. Other sources of funding include free will donations from our political and traditional leaders in Okpe Kingdom, Patrons, and lovers of Okpe Youth Council. Worthy to mention are His Excellency, Okakuro Rt Hon. Sheriff FO Oborevwori, the Executive Governor of Delta State, Okakuro Senator Ede Dafinone, Senator representing Delta Central at the Nigerian Senate, Okakuro James Augoye, Member Delta State House of Assembly, Mr Randy Okotie, CEO Richards Continental Hotel and suites Sapele, Sapele Okpe Community, Ughorhen Community, Clement Giakpere, Former Registrar PTI, and many others too numerous to mention.

AGM/OYC Election

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Okpe Youth Council Worldwide held on Saturday, 13th January 2024, at Udogun Hall Orerokpe, an electoral Committee was inaugurated led by Comr. Obaro Egagifo as Chairman and Barr. Felix Owumi as Secretary. Other members of the committee are Comr Aghogho Ovwighose, Comr Ezekiel Ugharha, Comr Julius Etetafia, Comr Brenda Akar, and Comr Dorcas Emakpor. The mandate of the committee is to conduct a free, fair, and transparent election for Okpe Youth Council. The committee did not fall short of expectations; they conducted a free, fair, and transparent election, and today a new Executive has emerged led by Comr Moses Newcome Odiete.

One thing worthy to mention is that Okpe Youth Council Worldwide has come to stay. Today’s event marks the fourth time we are experiencing a smooth transition from one administration to another. The smooth transition has given credence to the stability of the Council and the love and unity within the Council. This does not mean the absence of issues, but when issues arise, we quickly settle them amicably as brothers and sisters.


Aside from furnishing the youth council office, some items were bought to enhance the smooth operation of our administration. Activities such as the procurement of a public address system and flip-up banners were undertaken. Additionally, funds were raised to run the administration, and a portion was allocated for the incoming administration, with details transferred into the account.

Advice to the Newly Elected Executives

Especially to the President, it is imperative that love leads. Elections have come and gone; we must set aside all political acrimony and work as a team if we want Okpe Youth Council (OYC) to grow and move forward. To my President-elect, I pray that God Almighty grants you the wisdom of King Solomon to pilot the affairs of the council. You must be patient, perseverant, and cultivate maturity. Listening more and talking less, and above all, consulting widely before making decisions, are crucial. I have no doubt that with you, the Okpe Youth Council will experience great developmental strides in the years ahead.

Thank you all, and may God bless us all abundantly.

Comrade Israel Otomewo Ejiro
Outgoing President
Okpe Youth Council

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