Omo-Agege’s Petition Remains Strong Despite Tribunal Ruling – APC Stalwart

An influential member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has come forward to clarify the recent ruling of the Delta State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal, stating that the dismissal of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s application for a new witness does not signify the end of his petition.

The APC stalwart, who chose to remain anonymous, questioned the jubilation among some PDP members who believed that Omo-Agege’s case had been ultimately dismissed. He argued, “How does the absence or non-acceptance of expert testimony necessarily amount to the death of a petition? Is that a condition precedent to the success of a petition?”

Emphasizing the tribunal’s latitude in handling expert evidence, the APC stalwart highlighted that tribunals are not strictly bound to rely solely on expert testimony, often preferring credible non-expert evidence. He expressed confidence that the petitioners have provided convincing detailed evidence through the testimonies of their witnesses.

Drawing attention to past precedents in Delta State, the APC stalwart pointed out that Governorship Election Tribunals have not historically relied on evidence from forensic experts. Despite this, there have been instances in the past where a governor was removed and a rerun election was conducted, underscoring the significance of the overall legal process.

It is crucial to note that while Senator Omo-Agege’s application was dismissed due to its late filing, the ruling does not diminish the potential merit of his petition. The tribunal can still assess the evidence already presented by Omo-Agege, and it is possible that this existing evidence may be sufficient to support his case.

Moreover, the ruling does not prevent SenatorOmo-Agege from pursuing an appeal at a higher court. An appeal could potentially result in the overturning of the ruling and allow Omo-Agege to present his new witness.

The Delta State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal constitutes just one phase in the broader legal process. Should Omo-Agege be dissatisfied with the tribunal’s decision, he retains the option to appeal to the Court of Appeal and ultimately to the Supreme Court.

The fact that Omo-Agege’s petition is still active underscores the strength of his case. While the tribunal ruling may present a temporary setback, it is far from conclusive. Omo-Agege continues to have a fair chance of success, and he should maintain his resolve.

“There are definitely many ways to approach this matter. In any case, we are talking about a petition that will undoubtedly progress to the Supreme Court. Those who prematurely celebrate are underestimating the ongoing legal battle,” concluded the APC stalwart.

In conclusion, it is evident that Senator Omo-Agege’s petition is far from being extinguished, and the pursuit of justice remains alive and well.

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