Fostering Development in Orogun: Assessing Adode’s Projects to Inspire Continued Support

In the vibrant community of Igbuku-Orogun, the appointment celebration of Hon. Igogono Okiemute Goddey as Secretary to the Local Government of Ughelli North took place on Sunday, 23rd July 2023. Among the cheers and congratulatory messages, an important question remains to be addressed – what progress has been made by Honourable Adode’s projects in Orogun, and how can we further justify continued support?

Hon. Godwin Adode, Ughelli North Council Chairman

While expressing heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support during past elections, Hon. Igogono passionately called for ongoing backing of Hon. Godwin Adode’s Local Government administration and Governor Oborevwori’s State leadership. However, it’s natural for the community to inquire about the status of development initiatives promised by Honourable Adode.

Hon. Igogono Okiemute Goddey, SLG, Ughelli North Council at home with his people at Igbuku-Orogun

Eagerly hopeful for projects that will uplift their living standards and provide essential amenities, the people of Orogun are looking forward to witnessing tangible initiatives from Honourable Adode. The current lack of visible progress raises concerns, prompting constituents to evaluate the basis for their trust and support.

Development is a vital aspect of governance, and its significance cannot be underestimated or neglected. While Hon. Igogono advocates for the MORE Agenda, emphasizing youth inclusiveness and democracy dividends, the residents yearn for visible changes that address various challenges such as insecurity, road infrastructure, school facilities, and opportunities for the youth.

Honourable Adode’s appointment of Hon. Igogono as SLG is commendable, and it presents an opportunity to prioritize equitable development and allocate resources to the resource-rich Orogun kingdom. Establishing a meaningful relationship with the people through active community engagement and investment is essential to uphold the image of Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborewori in Orogun.

The people of Orogun deserve a flourishing community with improved infrastructure, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. It is not enough to rely on mere promises; Adode and other relevant stakeholders must take decisive actions.

As constituents, holding leaders accountable for their commitments is crucial. Hon. Igogono’s thank-you visit and constituent hosting are vital steps, but they must be followed by concrete actions driving development and progress.

In conclusion, the recent gathering in Igbuku-Orogun highlights the importance of assessing the impact of the Ughelli North Local Government projects in the community. Continued support for the current administration is essential, but the people of Orogun now seek tangible outcomes and visible progress.

It is time for Ughelli North Local Government Council and other stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment through concrete actions, delivering sustainable development and progress to the promising Orogun kingdom. By doing so, the trust and support bestowed upon them will be fully justified, and the community’s true potential can be realized.

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