Orhifi Rite of Passage: Agbarha Youths Defy Chairman Tidi over Igbudu Market Shut Down

In a bold act of defiance, the youth of Agbarha-Ame kingdom have challenged Chairman Michael Tidi over the proposed closure of the bustling Igbudu Market. The clash arises amidst preparations for the burial ceremony of the late monarch, HRM Lodon Aforkerhi Itu, Ememoh II, scheduled for Saturday, June 17, 2023.

The Agbassa Community Youth Development Council, representing the vibrant Agbarha-Ame Kingdom, issued a stern warning to all individuals, associations, and groups engaged in business within the premises. They were instructed not to open their establishments until 4:00 PM, allowing the community to pay their final respects to their departed monarch.

However, the closure directive has triggered a fierce battle for supremacy between the Urhobos and the Itsekiris, highlighting long-standing tensions. The Urhobos are now crying out to the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), urging them to support the WADO City movement as a means to address the ongoing insults and challenges they face.

The Chairman of Warri South Local Government Area, Dr. Michael Tidi, has dismissed rumors circulating on social media regarding the closure of the renowned Igbudu Market. In a signed statement, Tidi affirmed that the traditional rites for the late Ovie of Agbarha do not pose any security threat to traders and customers in the market.

The Council Chairman clarified the matter to assuage concerns raised by traders and other stakeholders who sought clarification on the issue. Honourable Tidi emphasized his administration’s commitment to supporting the local traditional institutions in the area. He also condemned the unnecessary closure of markets and businesses during these economically challenging times, aggravated by the recent removal of fuel subsidies.

As tensions escalate and the community mourns the loss of their revered monarch, the clash between Agbarha youths and Chairman Tidi over the closure of Igbudu Market continues to intensify. The future of this vibrant market hangs in the balance as the power struggle between the Urhobo and Itsekiri communities unfolds.

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