Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom Holds Royal Visit to Discuss Pressing Issues in Aso Rock Villa

Abuja, Nigeria – His Royal Majesty Monday Whiskey, Udurhie I, the esteemed Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom, embarked on a significant royal visit to the Nigeria seat of power, Aso Rock Villa, yesterday, 21st July 2023. During the visit, the monarch had the honor of meeting with the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume.

Sen. George Akume (SGF) with HRM, Monday Whiskey, Udurhie I, Ovie of Idjerhe Kingdom

The visit presented a crucial opportunity for HRM to discuss pressing issues concerning not only Idjerhe Kingdom but also the larger Urhobo nation and Delta State. As the revered traditional ruler, HRM Monday Whiskey holds a significant position in the region, making his discussions with Senator Akume vital for the welfare and development of the community and its people.

Sen. George Akume (SGF) with HRM, Monday Whiskey, Udurhie I with some chiefs of Idjerhe kingdom including Hon. Halims Agoda

The meeting between the Ovie and Senator Akume was held in a cordial atmosphere, with both dignitaries exchanging pleasantries and engaging in fruitful discussions. The monarch eloquently presented the concerns of Idjerhe Kingdom, emphasizing the need for development initiatives, infrastructure improvement, and socio-economic advancements.

In response, Senator George Akume expressed his appreciation for the Ovie’s visit and assured him of the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the region. He reiterated the government’s dedication to fostering peace, unity, and progress across all ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the royal visit served as an occasion to strengthen the bond between the federal government and the traditional institution, reaffirming the significance of traditional rulers in promoting good governance and sustainable development at the grassroots level.

As HRM Monday Whiskey returned to Idjerhe Kingdom after the successful visit, the community eagerly awaits the positive impact of the discussions held with the Secretary to the Government of the federation. It is anticipated that the engagement will lead to collaborative efforts towards achieving growth, prosperity, and well-being for the people of Idjerhe Kingdom, the Urhobo nation, and Delta State as a whole.

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