Senator Ovie Omo-Agege Receives Heartwarming Tribute from St. George’s College Alumni for Remarkable Contributions to School’s Advancement

Earlier today, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, an illustrious alumnus of St. George’s College, Obinomba, was honored with a special visit from a delegation comprising his secondary schoolmates and old boys of his beloved alma mater. The primary objective of their visit was to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to the esteemed Senator for his remarkable contributions towards the growth and development of the prestigious institution. This momentous occasion was marked by a delightful atmosphere filled with nostalgic memories, resounding cheers, and unparalleled camaraderie.

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in a group photograph with old boys of St. George’s College, Obinomba

St. George’s College, Obinomba, has long been recognized as an educational institution of excellence, imparting quality education and nurturing countless young minds. The visit from the delegation served as a testament to the profound impact Senator Omo-Agege has had on the institution, both during his time as a student and throughout his illustrious political career.

St. George’s College, Obinomba

The highly-anticipated gathering commenced with an atmosphere brimming with excitement and anticipation. As the Senator welcomed his former classmates and fellow alumni, there was an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that filled the room. Fond memories were shared, cherished moments were relived, and the bond between old friends was rekindled.

In his heartfelt address, Senator Omo-Agege expressed his deep gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon him. He acknowledged the significant role that St. George’s College played in shaping his character and providing him with a solid foundation for his accomplishments today. The Senator emphasized the importance of giving back to one’s alma mater and pledged to continue supporting initiatives that promote the growth and development of the school.

Senator Omo-Agege relishing a souvenir presented to him by his alma mater

The delegation was effusive in their praise for Senator Omo-Agege’s numerous contributions to the advancement of St. George’s College. Their heartfelt testimonials echoed sentiments of admiration and appreciation for his relentless efforts in promoting education, facilitating infrastructure development, and spearheading various programs aimed at improving the overall educational experience for current and future students.

Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has successfully executed several projects, including the following initiatives: Federal Government Intervention Projects at St George’s College, Obinomba, his alma mater: a 100-bed capacity hostel for boys and girls, a two-floor classroom block, an E-library, an administrative building, Scholarship Award, provision of a 30,000-gallon water tank to address the school’s increased pupil enrollment, Undertook the construction of an internal road network within the school premises, installed solar-powered lights along the roads and perimeters of the school.

As the event drew to a close, the attendees posed for a group photograph, capturing the essence of the reunion and the unbreakable bond shared by the St. George’s College family. The joyful occasion ended on a high note, leaving everyone in attendance with a renewed sense of pride and unity.

The visit from Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s delegation was a resounding testament to the profound impact of his altruistic endeavors on the growth and development of St. George’s College, Obinomba. The appreciation shown by his secondary schoolmates and fellow alumni underscored the remarkable legacy he has built while reinforcing the importance of nurturing educational institutions for future generations. Senator Omo-Agege’s commitment to giving back to his alma mater serves as an inspiring example for all, embodying the values of leadership, service, and dedication.

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