Tears, Encomium Pour In as Orubebe Bids Twin Sister Farewell

“Her dedication to uplifting others and her spirit of kindness will forever remain etched in our hearts, inspiring us to be better human beings.”-Otive Igbuzor

Today, the serene town of Ogbobagbene in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State bids farewell to one of her beloved daughters, Madam Esther Mary Orubebe, twin sister to former Niger Delta Minister, Elder Godsday Peter Orubebe, amidst tears and encomium.

Affectionately known as “IZON YIN” by the Ijaw Community in Benin City, and cherished as “African Queen and Mama Oyins” by her children, as well as “Estelo” by her twin brother, Madam Esther’s life and legacy touched the hearts of many.

Esther and Godsday Orubebe

Born on the 6th of June, 1959, to the Late Pa Gbenekeme and Mrs. Ebaroutu Orubebe, Madam Esther was the youngest daughter among seven (7) siblings. Her educational journey began at Timikoru Primary School in Ogbobagbene in 1965, and she later attended Keniyinbo Primary School in 1967. Continuing her studies, she graduated from Gbesa Grammar School, Ojobo, in 1973, and subsequently attended the Teachers Training School at Bomadi.

In 1979, Madam Esther met Dr. P. M Angagha, and they embarked on a journey of love and commitment, blessed with six children – three sons and three daughters. Her devotion to her faith led her to attend GLIM (Gospel Light International Ministries) Bible College in 1998, where she earned a Diploma in Theology in 1999.

A woman of diverse talents, Madam Esther was actively involved in business and the education sector. She was the Head Supervisor at Accord Group of Schools, Obe Branch, Benin City, Edo State, between 1999 and 2004. Her unwavering faith and commitment to Christ led her to become an Elder at the Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel (Dumez Road Branch), where she also hosted house fellowships, sharing her love and faith with others.

Fondly remembered by her family, she leaves behind six wonderful children, a twin brother, an elder sister, four grandchildren, a son-in-law, and numerous other relatives, all of whom were touched by her kindness and caring nature. Madam Esther was known for her radiant smile and her passion for dancing, especially during church gatherings.

Her twin brother, Elder Godsday Peter Orubebe, expressed his undying love and gratitude, stating that her impact on their lives will forever be cherished. He shared that her departure left an unending cry in his spirit, but he finds solace in the hope of meeting her again on the resurrection morning.

The funeral service held in Ogbobagbene was filled with tributes and eulogies from friends, family, and community members who shared heartfelt memories of the impact Madam Esther had on their lives.

Pastor David Omorogbe, Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church ST. MARIA GORRETTI DUMEZ, fondly recalled her as a woman of virtues, simplicity, and generosity.

Madam Esther Mary Orubebe’s legacy of love, kindness, and unwavering faith in God will continue to live on in the hearts of those she touched. As the town of Ogbobagbene bids farewell to their beloved daughter, they find comfort in knowing that she has entered into eternal rest.

Madam Esther’s final resting place is a testament to her strong ties with Ogbobagbene and the lasting impact she had on the community. The residents gathered to pay their respects, honoring the memory of their dear “IZON YIN,” who will forever be celebrated at every opportunity.

As Madam Esther Mary Orubebe’s soul is laid to rest, her family, friends, and community vow to continue living by the exemplary virtues she exemplified, keeping her memory alive in their hearts and cherishing the legacy of a woman who brought light and joy to their lives.

May her soul rest in peace, and may her spirit continue to inspire and guide those who loved her deeply.

Biography Of Madam Esther Mary Orubebe

Madam Esther Mary Orubebe, lovingly known as “IZON YIN” by the Ijaw Community in Benin City and cherished as “African Queen and Mama Oyins” by her children, as well as “Estelo” by her twin brother, was born on the 6th of June, 1959, in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State to the Late Pa Gbenekeme and Mrs Ebaroutu Orubebe.

Madam Esther, one of a twin, was the youngest daughter among seven (7) children. Her educational journey began at Timikoru Primary School, Ogbobagbene, in 1965, and later at Keniyinbo Primary School in 1967. She then continued her studies at Gbesa Grammar School, Ojobo, in 1973, and subsequently attended the Teachers Training School at Bomadi.

In 1979, Madam Esther met Dr. P. M Angagha, and they united in marriage. The divine grace bestowed upon the couple blessed them with six children – three handsome sons and three beautiful daughters. In 1998, she pursued her spiritual calling and attended GLIM (Gospel Light International Ministries) Bible College, where she obtained a Diploma in Theology in 1999.

Throughout her life, Esther actively engaged in business endeavors. She was a devoted Christian and served as an Elder in the Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel (Dumez Road Branch). Her home became a hub for house fellowship, where she embraced and shared her faith with others.

Madam Esther leaves behind six wonderful children, a twin brother, an elder sister, four grandchildren, a son-in-law, and numerous other relatives. She was known for her kindness and caring nature towards humanity, bringing joy and laughter to those around her. A passionate dancer, she found solace in dancing, especially in the church.

Her domesticated nature reflected her mother’s, Mrs. Ebaroutu, who always kept her surroundings immaculate. She embodied the true meaning of “Ebiere” (Beautiful woman in Ijaw language).

On the 16th day of July, 2023, the icy hands of death snatched away our beloved Madam Esther. Her loss was heart-wrenching, leaving an irreplaceable void in the family.

Though we grieve her departure, we choose to celebrate her life at every opportunity. Madam Esther’s fellowship in Christ and the significant impact she had on people will forever be cherished, despite her short stay on earth.

We hold onto the hope that she is now in a better place, our African Queen, our Esthelo, and our Mama Oyins. We miss her more than words can express, and our hearts ache each time her memory graces our thoughts. Farewell until we meet again, never to part.


I actually did not know the meaning of Twins until my primary five and six years, at Kenyinbo Primary School, Torugbene.
My Twin sister joined me from Ogbobagbene and we became very close. We left for Gbesa Grammer school, Ojobo and she later left for the Teachers Training College, Bomadi but could not finish because of love.
My very Dear Esthelo, as I fondly call her abandoned her Educational career for the pursuit of love which is not Real in life. As a young man, I persuaded her then with all the force I had but she was not moved. My Esthelo left with her man.
They had their children in their early years but the so-called love she pursued abandoned her in her later years and my Esthelo was devastated.
Her pain was that the perceived love that she pursued, made her disobey her people and abandoned Education and now, that same so-called love abandoned her.

-Lessons of life.
My Esthelo was a loving and cheerful woman of substance. Ever caring and would share her last kobo with the needy. No amount of money will stay with my Esthelo for a week or a month, because of her high level of philanthropy. She was good to a fault.
My Esthelo was ever smiling and would confront anyone that had malice with her to settle it. My Beautiful and amazing Esthelo will be greatly missed by me in life. She would call me, My Father, My husband, My loving Brother, and Friend.
From the abandoned love experience, she became sick, and over the last 30 years nobody knew she was that sick. She was a woman of Faith and that was what carried her through over the years to the 16th of July, 2023.
What else, life would not always give you what you desire but the promises of GOD are sure. My Joy is that she left 6 amazing and wonderful children in life.

My Esthelo, GOD loves you more. We shall see when the trumpet calls but I have an unending cry in my spirit for you.
Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!
My Esthelo.

Godsday Peter Orubebe, CON.

The news came to me that Sunday morning, 16th July, 2023 as a shock and surprise and questions I had asked was when and how. But answers were not forthcoming.
I had thought it was a joke then I exclaimed it is not true. I said to myself Death you are Cruel. I then remembered the biblical injunction we cannot question GOD.
I know I would write a tribute about you my dear Sister Esther but each time I took pen to paper more pains rekindle in my heart, pains that we will forever miss your angelic soft-spoken voice, pains that we will forever miss that peaceful and patient character that voice that will always insist let love reign in the family. Even in disagreement with you, it will mostly end up in laughter.
This trait was clearly manifested when the family from Ogbobagbene Community visited your children in Benin. The IZON Benin Community that hosted us called you Mama of IZONS in Benin. Speaker after Speaker proclaimed your motherly role to the IZONS Community in Benin.
I know Christianity is individualistic but your Christian faith is unshakable in the Lord Jesus Christ, so as you sojourn into eternity May the Good Lord sojourn with you to your final place of rest in Jesus name. Amen
-Rest in peace, my dear sister

Kennedy Orubebe

Mama Oyins the Great! My African Queen! My BFF1, losing you is the biggest blow to me but I have come to terms with it, counting myself the luckiest being your daughter, loved, nurtured, inspired and so much more that I got from my African Queen, my African Queen!! The best of the best, missing you will be on a daily basis as every activity of each day of my life revolves around my African Queen! I pray God guide my kids and I to be able to live without you. Sleep on my world.

Tarikebena Alari

Your Tukiebi My mama Oyins….my African Queen as I fondly call her. My epitome of beauty, she was the epitome of unconditional love always putting her children’s needs before her own. Through the rough roads of life, my Mama Oyins stood as a pillar of strength, providing unwavering support and guidance.
She celebrated my wins with enviable genuine joy, smiling cheek to cheek, my little wins, she will dance. Her love knew no boundaries, she was my cheerleader on the sidelines playing the role of a father and a mother, my biggest advocate, my prayer warrior, knowing that she will always be there to catch me if I stumble was my biggest flex.

Her acts of selflessness were countless, as she consistently put the needs of her family above her own. She taught me the importance of generosity, not just in material possessions, but also in giving my time, attention, and love to those in need.
When I started my business mama Oyins was all joy and happiness, my first customer, my best best part in life, I remember her prayers and encouraging words.
Her love was not limited to her children only. She embraced everyone with open arms, treating them as her own. Her home was a sanctuary for friends, family, and even strangers, who found solace in her warm embrace and comforting words. She had a way of making everyone feel valued and loved, leaving a footprint of her love in our lives.

Mummy I’m never saying goodbye or farewell,thank you for being the guiding light in my life, sleep beautifully in enteral peace till we meet again. If given the opportunity I’ll still choose you again and again as my mother. I love you and will always always love you.
Your Okpopiname-ere

Ebimene Angagha

Once upon a time, a child was born, she became a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother with a heart of gold.
Her acts of love were felt in all directions without boundaries.
We will always live by the good principles you acted to us, believing in God almighty.
Our days might seem teary at the thought of your departure but the joy of your existence will always be in us.
Esther Mary Orubebe my mother. Even in death, you remain my mother. I wish you a peaceful sleep in the Lord till we meet.

Your son,

Christopher Eniye Angagha

I Call Her my Mama Oyins, She had a heart that cared completely. the smile that brought so much pleasure. She had a love that brought joy beyond measure. for I Believe that In everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven.
You are a true definition of an independent woman, I love you so much my African Queen My
You are without a doubt a great personality, You show so much compassion and display a lot of humility so much that every one of us seeks to emulate you. Your loving memory will ever remain a monument in our hearts. The memories of the good time we shared will forever remain a treasure.

Oyinagunoami Angagha

My Esther, my wife as I fondly call her. Having you in my life is the best treasure Heaven gave to me. Someone once told me while I was in University that I have a good heart and I replied to her with a smile “wait till you meet my mum”. My Ebiere, the purest of them all.
The saying that “the Beautiful ones are not yet born” is wrong because I was birthed by one, I was raised by one, I lived with one, and loved. The way you played both roles of a father and mother with a smile still amazes me to date. You are a true definition of an independent woman. Your caring heart is second to none. Thanks for giving me beautiful memories and always carrying my matter like ‘gala’. No one to tie her breast with mantle to pray for me again. Indeed, Heaven has gained because an angel was truly missing in Heaven. The vacancy was so felt in Heaven that it needed you back that quick. Thanks for everything thing and your Legacy lives on. I miss telling you “I love you over the phone” There will be no one to call me and say “Benin Dey hot, where you Dey”.
Please, continue to watch over us and guide me into becoming the powerful woman that you intend me to be. I love you my Ebiere and knowing that you are in a better place gives me hope.



Pastor David Omorogbe
Resident pastor,

In Loving Memory of Madam Esther Mary Orubebe

We gather today with heavy hearts to pay tribute to Madam Esther Mary Orubebe, a beloved twin sister to Elder Godsday Orubebe who left us all too soon.
Her warm smile, compassionate heart, and unwavering support were a source of strength for her twin brother and their entire family. Her dedication to uplifting others and her spirit of kindness will forever remain etched in our hearts, inspiring us to be better human beings.

As we bid her farewell, let us cherish the memories of joy and love she shared with us. Her bond with her twin brother, Elder Godsday Orubebe, was a testament to the enduring power of sibling love. Though she may no longer be with us in the physical sense, her memory will forever be a guiding light, offering solace and strength to her grieving family.

To Elder Godsday Orubebe and the entire Orubebe family, know that you are not alone in this time of sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we stand ready to offer any support you may need.
May the grace of the Almighty embrace you and grant you comfort during this challenging period.

Rest in peace, dear Madam Esther Mary Orubebe. You will be deeply missed and fondly remembered.

With love and sympathy,

Pastor Otive Igbuzor, PhD
Former Chief of Staff to the Deputy President of the Senate,
Deputy Director General, Delta APC Governorship Campaign Council and
General Overseer, Palace of Priests Assembly

Dear Grandma, i miss you very much. I am grateful for your guidance, blessings, prayers, and provision for everyone. May your golden Soul abide in comfort in the lord’s abode in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Excel O. Alari (1st grandchild/son)

Dear grandma, I miss your smile and the way anytime I come back from school you smile at me with a warm embrace.
My Esthelo….whenever I call her that she smiles and dances, I know you’re in heaven today watching over us. I do miss your care, love, and smile. Every time I see you I feel like hugging you, cooking for you, and kissing you. I love you, grandma.
Elvin Oyinmeinebi Alari (Grandson)

I will try not stand by your grave and weep
I know you aren’t dead to me , I wish you’d give me that hug that gives me peace whenever I visit you .
I know you aren’t dead to me , as your smile still flashes through my thoughts whenever I close my eyes .
I know you are still the diamond glints on snow, and the sun on ripened grain.
I’m sure you are in a better place always showing care for everyone like you always do .
I know the angels are excited to have you in their midst as you will blend in easily.
Your legacy of kindness and compassion has changed my life forever and I’ll forever be thankful to God for giving me a mother like you.
You will forever be my mother” grandma” as I fondly call you .
I will ask you for one more thing as you watch over us , please help us heal our broken hearts as we mourn and show us a sign that you are always with us .
Forgive me for the times I wasn’t there for you due to human inconsistencies.
Plus do not forget I am not saying goodbye, because you aren’t gone as I feel your love within me always.
Ye tare me
I love you Grandma.
-Ebubey Omenogor

Mummy Esther,
You are a cousin sister but you were a mother to me in every sense of it. You were caring and loving. You always stood by me in everything I do.

Benin Mummy as I fondly call you, your death has gotten me confused. The vacuum your demise has created in my heart can never be filled. You will be dearly missed.

Continued to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

Adieu Benin Mummy.

Hon Tonkiri J. Apu (Cousin)

Dearest godmother, you have always been a great inspiration to me. I wish that someday I would turn out to be a great person like you!” “You have been a motivation. As a godmother, your accomplishments have been wonderful. Your simplicity is best to none .you are a catalyst mummy…and with the pain in my heart, there will never be another You… continue to rest sweet Godmother I will forever miss you …it is time to meet your Maker mummsy..Love you till infinity…may the good lord grant your Soul Eternal Rest…❤️RIP Mummsy..With Love from Nna.
-Iyke Akubuike

Goodbye precious mom, I will always hold you in my heart.
Your caring heart and loving smile will always be remembered and missed dearly. what a nice and kind-hearted woman she was. She invested in the lives of everyone around her, just to make sure they live a better life.
I will always remember how amazing you were.
Sleep on lovely mother.

-Mrs Mienebi Egoli

Esther was a friend, sister, and mother to me. She was the closest person I could share all my pains and joys with. I enjoyed spending time at her place above all other places and that is why I feel so lonely in her departure, I will forever miss seeing her smile. I pray that my dearest sister rests in peace and in the bosom of the lord. Amen.

Mrs. Monica Alari

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