Unleashing Justice: Imuere Demands the Creation of Additional LGAs in Urhobo Land to Rectify Blatant Shortchanging

In a startling revelation by Dr. Ejiro Imuere, it has come to light that Urhobo Land, a region in Nigeria, has been grossly shortchanged in the creation of Local Government Areas (LGAs). This oversight has led to the deprivation of essential services and hindered the development of the affected communities.

Dr. Imuere, a renowned advocate for the Urhobo people, has highlighted several areas within Urhobo Land that urgently require the establishment of new LGAs. By dividing existing LGAs, these communities can receive focused attention, improved governance, and access to critical resources. Dr. Imuere’s research has identified the following areas that necessitate the creation of additional LGAs:

Dr. Ejiro Imuere

“One notable proposal is the establishment of Wado City Local Government Area, which would be carved out of the existing Warri South LGA. This new LGA, with its headquarters located in the U.P.U House on Okere Road, aims to encompass the Agbarha Ame Kingdom and the Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, thus granting these regions the autonomy and representation they deserve.

“Similarly, within Ughelli North, the demand for multiple new LGAs has gained traction. Agbarho LGA, with its proposed headquarters in Agbarho, Agbarha/Orogun LGA with headquarters in Agbarha Otor, and Evwreni/Uwerun LGA with headquarters in Evwreni are envisioned to serve as distinct entities that can cater to the unique needs of their respective communities.

Recognizing the significance of Okpe communities, Dr. Imuere further called for establishing “Okpe Urban LGA, with headquarters in Osubi, covering areas such as Osubi, Okuokoko, Ugolo, Omenta, Adeje, and Okuovu. Okpe Waterside LGA, with headquarters in Jeddo, would also encompass Jeddo, Ugbokodo, and Ughoton, addressing the longstanding call for localized governance in these regions.”

“The creation of Amuokpe LGA, centered around Amuokpe, as well as Abraka LGA in Ethiope East with headquarters in Abraka, and Jesse/Mosogar LGA in Ethiope West with headquarters in Jesse, are further proposals aimed at empowering these communities and fostering inclusive development.”

Furthermore, Dr. Imuere emphasizes that “the creation of these new LGAs is entirely feasible, as it falls within the jurisdiction of the state government. Although the federal government may not officially recognize them, the state government can establish and fund these LGAs, ensuring their functionality and effectiveness. Additionally, the responsibility for creating electoral wards lies with the state electoral commission, known as DESIEC, which oversees LGA elections.”

When it comes to funding, Dr. Imuere believes that “if corruption is curbed, the state government can adequately finance these LGAs through federal allocations and internally generated revenue. This would alleviate the burden on the affected communities and allow for the provision of essential services and development programs.”

“The urgent need for more LGAs in Urhobo Land cannot be ignored any longer. It is imperative for the state government to address this issue promptly and ensure that the Urhobo people receive the representation and resources they deserve. Failure to act swiftly will only perpetuate the inequality and deprivation experienced by these communities”, Dr. Imuere averred.

Dr. Ejiro Imuere’s research and advocacy shed light on a critical issue, urging the government to take action. With the establishment of these new LGAs, Urhobo Land can pave the way for progress, development, and a brighter future for its people.

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