Urhobo Progress Union Urged to Embrace Environmental Consciousness: Taking Inspiration from Isoko Development Union

The urgency of addressing environmental challenges cannot be overstated, and the Isoko Environmental Monitoring Committee (IEMC) has taken a commendable step forward in this regard. Their groundbreaking research project, aimed at assessing the state of the Isoko environment and finding effective solutions, serves as a shining example for other ethnic nationalities to follow. Among those who can draw inspiration from their efforts is the Urhobo Progress Union.

Chief Barr. Ese Gam Owe, UPU President-general

Established on December 27, 2021, the Isoko Environmental Monitoring Committee has dedicated itself to confronting the pressing environmental issues that the Isoko region faces. Their ongoing research aims to document these challenges and shed light on associated problems. This initiative should serve as a wake-up call for other ethnic groups to evaluate their own environmental circumstances.

Among the issues that the Isoko community is determined to tackle head-on is the recurring problem of perennial flooding in Isoko land. By addressing the root causes and exploring innovative solutions, the Isoko people are setting a precedent for environmental consciousness and sustainable development.

The research being conducted by the Isoko Environmental Monitoring Committee is highly participatory, involving communities that bear the brunt of significant environmental impacts. Through focal group discussions and interviews, their efforts aim to engage the collective wisdom and experiences of these communities.

Now is the time for the Urhobo Progress Union to take inspiration from the Isoko Development Union and embrace environmental consciousness within their own communities. By actively participating in research initiatives, implementing sustainable practices, and mobilizing resources, the Urhobo Progress Union can make a substantial impact on the environmental well-being of the region.

However, it is important to note that addressing environmental challenges goes beyond economic considerations alone. The Ten-Member Oil and Gas Technical Committee inaugurated by the President General of the Urhobo Progress Union Worldwide, Barr. Ese Gam Owe on June 25th, 2023 at the Eku Community town hall, Ethiope East, Delta State, whose terms of reference are interfacing on behalf of the Union with Oil Companies, government agencies, and other stakeholders in the Oil and Gas sector within Urhobo communities, salutary as it is, should expand its scope to include environmental justice and remediation for the Urhobo nation. Environmental concerns must be taken into account, alongside the technical aspects, to ensure a comprehensive approach that prioritizes the well-being of the Urhobo people and their ecosystem.

President General of the Urhobo Progress Union Worldwide, Barr. Ese Gam Owe, with the Ten-Member Oil and Gas Technical Committee

It is crucial for ethnic groups to recognize the importance of environmental preservation and work collectively toward sustainable solutions. By joining forces and broadening the scope of the conversation, they can protect and preserve their natural surroundings for future generations. The Isoko Environmental Monitoring Committee has set a powerful example, and it is up to the Urhobo Progress Union and others to follow suit.

In the spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility, let us rally behind the cause of environmental consciousness. Together, we can create a legacy of environmental stewardship, ensuring a brighter, sustainable future for all.

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