Isoko Environmental Revolution: Unveiling the State of Isoko Environment and Mobilizing for Change

The Isoko Environmental Monitoring Committee (IEMC), established on December 27, 2021, has launched a comprehensive research project to assess the state of the Isoko environment. With the aim of documenting and addressing the environmental challenges faced by the Isoko people, the committee is determined to produce an unbiased report that will serve as a call to action.

Recognizing the lack of literature on the state of the Isoko environment, the IEMC is committed to conducting this crucial research to shed light on pressing issues and seek viable solutions. Among the key concerns to be addressed in the report is the recurring problem of flooding in Isoko land, aiming to identify its causes and explore effective strategies for mitigation.

The research process will be highly participatory, involving focal group discussions in communities that experience significant environmental impacts, as well as interviews. Although a comprehensive scientific field investigation is currently beyond the committee’s resources, it remains a consideration for future initiatives as capacity grows.

The researcher intends to visit various communities in Isoko South and North, including but not limited to Uzere, Umeh, Igbide, Olomoro, Otor-Iyede, Emevour, Ozoro, Ivrogbo, Oleh, Irri, Idheze, Ofagbe, Ellu, Otor-Owhe, Owhelo-gbo, Enwhe, among others. However, the committee acknowledges that some communities might not be listed due to limitations, and they encourage those communities to reach out.

In an effort to rally support for this vital undertaking, the IEMC appeals to the sons and daughters of Isoko land who recognize the importance of this research. Financial contributions can be made to the nominated bank account provided below:

Account Name: Mariere Praise Akpezi
Account Number: 4530039814
Bank Name: EcoBank

Another valuable way to contribute is by providing volunteers who can serve as field assistants for the researcher in their respective communities. Contact information for interested volunteers should be shared with the nominated phone numbers below:

UBREI-JOE – 08063894925
OKIRORO-OTUAGA – 07035440687
OBIBI – 08039494747

The Isoko Environmental Monitoring Committee expresses gratitude in advance for the anticipated support and emphasizes the collective responsibility of all Isoko community members in making this research initiative a success.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Maimoni M. UBREI-JOE – Chairman – 08063894925
Dr. Mrs. Akpezi O. EDEWOR – Vice Chairman
Mrs. Praise E. OKIRORO-OTUAGA – Secretary – 07035440687
Mr. Onamakowho E. OBIBI – Resource Mobilization & Advocacy – 08039494747

Together, let us work towards a sustainable future for Isoko land.

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