By Ayodeji Emmanuel Oluwadare

When ideas are born in your head, you need to nurse, nurture and give birth to them intentionally, or else they will become mere wishes or dead dreams.

  1. The fear of the unknown has made many go to the grave with all the ideas that would have made the world a better place.

The fear of trying and failing and the fear of not having a fixed income to depend on have to be overcome with a strong determination to succeed. There are no businesses that are succeeding today that haven’t failed at a point. Failure should be seen as an opportunity to do a thing better.

  • Allowing The Stories of Those Who Failed to Overwhelm You: Failure is part of life, while trying to walk as a toddler you fell severally but stood up and kept trying, and eventually, you began to walk steadily.
  • Call to action: Act now because procrastination will kill your ideas and make you never start, the best time to start is now.
  • Telling Your Ideas to Those Who Didn’t Receive It: You cannot expect to succeed when you tell those who did not take delivery of the idea and thoughts.

You are only permitted to share your idea with those who can help you nurse, guide and mentor you.

  • Opening Up Yourself to Distractions: Distractions like being a jack of all trades. If you want to pursue all the ideas flying around in your head, there is no way you can be successful at all. Settle down for something and follow it logically to a conclusive end.
  • Running Away From Commitment: Commitment is what is needed for success. Commitment means consistency in any chosen task and staying on it until it begins to bud and produce results.
  • Soliciting for Money Capital Before You Start: Money is the last capital needed to run any business. The first capital you need is “idea capital”. Get your ideas on paper, work at it, and with whatever amount of money you have in a small way.

 Don’t wait until you have everything because you want to start big. Every great unicorn began small. Some never dreamed of becoming a unicorn neither did they expect to grow so massive, they all had ideas burning within them that was seeking expression and they were wise to give it that needed start. You too can become the next celebrated unicorn if you dare to start up small, with what you have, from where you are and right away!

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