Celebrating the 95th Post-humous Birthday of Chief Demas Akpore

Today, August 4th, 2023, we unite to celebrate the post-humous 95th birth anniversary of an extraordinary and visionary leader, Chief Demas Onoliobakpovba Akpore.

From his roots in a devout Christian family in Orogun, Nigeria, to his indelible impact on Nigeria’s educational and political landscape, Chief Akpore’s legacy resounds with greatness.

Chief Demas Akpore

Chief Akpore’s insatiable thirst for knowledge knew no bounds. He blazed a trail in his pursuit of academic excellence, setting a shining example for all.

Chief Akpore’s commitment to uplifting his community manifested through his dynamic political involvement.

Driven by a burning desire for regional development, he collaborated tirelessly, forging a legacy in the creation of the Midwest Region in 1963. Amidst recovering from an illness in the United States, he witnessed the birth of Delta State, a testament to his relentless dedication.

In 1979, Chief Akpore’s political journey reached new heights when he was elected as the first Deputy Governor of Bendel State, standing tall alongside Governor Ambrose Folorunsho Alli. Unyielding in his principles, he resigned in 1982, resolute in his commitment to the welfare of the people.

Chief Akpore’s personal life was a testament to love, devotion, and family values. Together with my wife, Mrs. Grace Temisan Akpore, they built a loving and supportive family, leaving behind a legacy of unity and strength.

Today, we rejoice in the life of a man whose impact radiates across countless lives.

We honor Chief Demas Akpore not only for his illustrious accomplishments but also for his boundless selflessness and unwavering devotion to community and country.

On this momentous occasion, we are not only inspired by but also cherish the indomitable values and enduring legacy that Chief Akpore embodied.

He was not only a remarkable leader but also a loving husband, a devoted father, a doting grandfather, and a caring great-grandfather.

May his soul continue to rest in eternal peace.

From: Grace Akpore, Mrs. Stella Omu, Jomo Akpore, Kevwe Akpore, Enaite Akpore, Newman Akpore, Voke Omu, Jomo Akpore Jr., Ghenero Omu, Kiara Akpore-Thierry, Sade Akpore-Shepherd, Oghale Omu, and Fejiro Omu, Onome Jomo-Akpore, Amara and Zo Thierry, Asya Shepherd

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